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Company History
Barbara Bray started My eCoach in 1998 as a division of Computer Strategies, LLC. As an educational consultant and professional developer, Bray started My eCoach out of a need to extend and customize face-to-face coaching.

At the time, Barbara and four of her coaches were carrying boxes of binders back and forth to forty-nine schools (this was before blogs, wikis and flash drives). The need to manage this large quantity of materials inspired Barbara to design an online content management site. After research and development, the first version of My eCoach was launched in 2003 to supplement Bray’s unique coaching division.

Since then, the My eCoach staff and community have helped grow the My eCoach program and eCoaching services to revolutionize how people work together.
New tools, features and versions have surpassed former My eCoach systems, and our eCoaching division has grown to help groups reach their goals worldwide.

My eCoach continues to grow,
providing flexible and customizable ways for individuals and groups of all sizes to reach their learning goals.
Future Goals
Make Learning Personal:
We have caring staff, members and eCoaches that are truly passionate about learning and helping people reach their goals. That enthusiasm translates to each project and each person, making My eCoach unique.
My eCoach has always and will continue to have this zestful, personal touch.

My eCoach Community Growth:

Each member has something special to contribute. The more people in the My eCoach community means there are more people to contribute and collaborate with. We plan to grow the My eCoach community to include more universities, organizations, districts, companies and clubs because we believe My eCoach can help make a difference for everyone.

Communities of Practice through eCoaching:
Our vision is to help groups attain their goals. Through eCoaching, we look forward to helping large learning communities, organizations and groups in their visioning, planning and implementation process so they can reach their objectives.

We are continually looking for partnerships with like-minded organizations to encourage reciprocal marketing efforts and growth.

Certificated eCoach Training:
We recently launched our Certificated eCoach Training Program. Anyone interested in marketing their coaching services and products can now become a successful Certificated eCoach.

Research and Development:
Currently we have numerous features and tools unique to My eCoach that have come from our research and development. We are continually researching new features to add that will help you meet your goals.

Community Learning Centers:
As our world is changing, so are the needs of our children and communities. We hope to help in the future restructuring of our learning centers so new learning communities are created to reflect the needs,
skills, strengths, and learning styles of the community as a whole.

Our goal is to keep My eCoach advertisement-free and affordable so Lifetime Memberships can be as inexpensive at $35. To do so, we are continually seeking grants and other sources of funding. In the past, My eCoach has received seed money from George Foreman that helped launch our free eLibrary. With funding and donations from individuals and organizations like this, we plan to implement and improve My eCoach features and services with goals to make it accessible to everyone.

The power of My eCoach comes from contributions from our members and partners.
Click here to tell a friend about the wonderful features of My eCoach. Or spread the word by friending us in Facebook. If you like a blog or a resource, take a moment to comment and/or share it with others. If you would like to donate, any amount will help. If you would like to co-author grants, become an eCoach, or partner with us, please contact us through our Contact Form.
"I used My eCoach for a few years as my classroom website and for surveys and quizzes.

Two years ago, the district asked us to learn to use moodle because it is linked to student's grades, etc... At first, the moodle class page was separate, but needed to be accessed by student username and password. Many students forgot passwords or changed them or couldn't get on because of other reasons. This year there is a link within the students portal site to a moodle classroom page. (They still need their username and password.) This link was not to the webpage I had made earlier, but to a new one. I switched all the information over to the new because I was told the parents would be able to access it from their portal site, also. This was not true. I then switched back to My eCoach and found it so easy to use!

The parents and students both can keep up with assignments because they do not need to remember passwords! This past week, I put together an online test in portal-moodle because I was told it would grade the test and link the grade to my gradebook. What a disaster! The transferred grade was not correct and I am dealing with many e-mails from students who could not submit their finished tests. I believe I will try the on-line quiz in My eCoach next time and just copy over the grade.

I am still only using a small portion of what is available in ecoach, but am looking forward to trying all the new things that Barbara and her team have developed over the past year or so."

pictureSusan Brown
High School Science Teacher
Osceola High School - Pinellas, Florida

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Division of Computer Strategies, LLC
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