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My eCoach Tools and Features ( as of May 9, 2018





A weblog for your personal, team, community, and public use. Personal, community, team, and public blogs with easy-to-use templates; public blogs published on Internet where anyone can follow; team blogs used for reflection in private space. Author can add tags, categories, set up email notification, and commenting styles. Sidebar allows embedding code and links. Team blogs are only seen by members of the team.


Rotating updates about events, workshops and news from My eCoach, eCoaches, and Partner on your home page. Partners and eCoaches can promote projects, events and services to the community. Authors can choose theme, add tags, etc. Bulletins rotate on public side of My eCoach.


Keeps track of appointments and events color-coded by type Personal, shared, team and community calendars; advertisement free; viewable in different formats from anywhere. Calendars can be embedded into team.

Chat Rooms

A safe and secure place to chat for teams, community, and friends Members can invite others to chat (IM) from team or the My eCoach community. Chat bubble flashes to invitee along with email notification. Chat window pops-up with list of users with pictures on right.

Citation Builder

Easily create citations matched to MLA and APA styles. Create and copy a citation for all types of intellectual property. Members can save citations to use later.

Class Teams

Classrooms can be on a team with the teacher as the eCoach (eTeacher). An eTeacher can add up to 40 students for $100/ school year. Students have access to all tools with support from eTeacher.


Authors can clone projects and allow cloning for co-authors. Universal Builder, templates, quizzes and surveys can be cloned and added to locker to be adapted.


Members can easily add co-authors from contact list in My eCoach community. Members can collaborate, create, plan, and edit projects, surveys, and quizzes.


Allow comments in and outside of My eCoach. Set up types of comments, email notification, password protected for private comments, and allow text editor for members & non-members.




Conversation Corner

Mini-blog for community to share ideas, ask and answer questions Any member can post and reply to a post, add tags, and use text editor to add text, images, video, and audio.

Content Standards

Local, state, national, content, professional, Common Core, and technology standards Standards can be matched to resources, and projects; alignment vetted by curriculum specialists. View resources matched to standards and standards matched to projects.

Digital Locker

Space to save and archive projects and resources. Add resources and projects from the eLibrary to your locker. Access your projects to view, lock, and edit.


Request feedback and receive input on projects and planning.

eCoach training to team and league managers.
eCoaches can add feedback to projects and ILP in a private area between eCoach and author. eCoaches can set up commenting and other tools to support their members.

Sustainable eCoaching; personalized and group support; training available on your programs; workshops and seminars.


Thousands of resources and projects searched by keyword, tag, and browse by categories. Many projects and resources are matched to standards; members can contribute resources, lesson plans, images, projects, and more to eLibrary. Members can request feedback from their eCoach and peer review before submitting projects to the eLibrary.

eLibrary Spotlights

Rotating spotlight on Home about featured resources in eLibrary. Each spotlight has a description, tags, vocabulary words, essential and discussion questions, standards, and extension activities.

Embed Code

Allows you to place widgets from My eCoach and from other websites in My eCoach projects and blog sidebars. Viewers open external tools inside My eCoach without opening another window; can copy and paste code from My eCoach surveys, quizzes, or Web 2.0 tools and embed into projects and websites.


Join an ePortfolio Team or use templates to create your ePortfolio. Follow an ePortfolio process: collect, plan, create, reflect, publish, and promote. Use examples as guides to create your own.





Frequently asked questions & answers on My eCoach. Access to FAQs on top bar on every page.

Featured Projects

Rotating featured projects from members. Featured projects are identified by other members and eCoaches and appear on your Home and on the front outside page. Search for featured projects from Toolkit on the left sidebar. Featured projects have an a award icon with them.


Community and Team threaded discussions. Team manager (eCoach) can set up discussions where members can follow/unfollow specific threads.


Invite members to join your Friends to add to your contact list. Use contact list of your friends to add co-authors and send messages. Use the Friends list to add notes and more contact information for particular friends.


This is your message center with the number of messages waiting for you. The inbox is on the left navigation and the box on the upper right on every page. A flashing envelope appears if you have messages waiting for you. A chat bubble flashes if someone is inviting you to chat. Access your profile and settings from here.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)

Identify specific learning goals and strategies. Create one or multiple ILPs with your current situation about a skill or tool you want to learn and your goals, and action plan; request & receive eCoach feedback.

League Manager

Access all teams under a league. Members identified as League eCoach with access to teams and more features.

Message Center

Internal messaging system.

Accessed from anywhere in My eCoach using mail icons and inbox on sidebar; can set up groups. Message center is the glue that connects all the features.




My Community

On the left sidebar navigation where you can collaborate with other members. Go to My Community from any page to access your teams, join teams, view Certificated eCoaches, join conversations in the Conversation Corner, view the Bulletins, get to your message center and contact lists, view the community calendar and access your personal and team calendar, participate in the community forums, access the community chat rooms, and view the eCoach news.

My Locker

On the left sidebar navigation where you keep all of your projects, tools, and resources that you created or are working on. Access your profile, friends, projects, resources, citations, ILPs, blogs, surveys, quizzes, Game Plan, and standards in your viewer. Click on the pencil to edit and the lock to lock or unlock your project. You can hide or show your projects on your profile and in the eLibrary.

My Notes

Team members have a personal My Notes tab on the team page to keep notes on projects. My Notes is a pop-up window that can be used for research notes. This tab follows you with every team.

Personalized Home Page

Personalized area at the bottom of your home page. Members can use their personalized area to keep links, notes, reflections and more.

Planning Tools

To help create a learning strategy with co-authors implementation guide. Co-authors can share, brainstorm, and access ideas from every page using the lightbulb icon during editing.

Private and public spaces

Provides both private and public spaces to create and communicate Public access to community areas; private access keeps conversations and proprietary resources private.


Create and correct customizable quizzes for teams and classes. Create, clone or co-author quizzes with the ability to correct answers, score tests, and embed code. Use the text editor to add images, presentations, videos, and more to your questions. Set up multiple choice, checkboxes, short and longs answers, and more. Students can take the quiz from Internet. View whole class results, percentages, and each student test. Leave a comments on answers to email student.

Recent Activities

The ten most recent activities from members in your contact list appear in right sidebar with date stamp, picture, name, and profile of member. Can view and access all recent activities; eCoaches can provide feedback from recent activities; ability to filter activities.




Search and Advanced Search

Search for people, projects, blogs, surveys, bulletins, tips & tricks, and eLibrary. Can narrow searches in the eLibrary using Advanced Search.

Searchable Tags

Tags connect members, resources, tips, and projects. Able to assign tags to members, resources, tips, and projects. Tags appear on profile, eLibrary, and search results with most used tags larger.


Can assign your setting preferences from profile. Hide your email, change how name is displayed, change the look and feel of My eCoach, and change your landing page.


My eCoach store Purchase a membership, gift a membership, team memberships.


Create customizable surveys that you can publish or email. Team, shared, and public surveys; can co-author, clone, disaggregate data, and embed in your website. Set up separate pages for questions. Questions include: multiple choice, checkboxes, yes/no, true/false, Use the text editor to add images, videos, audio, files and more. Use the filter to create reports and charts. Send to anyone and receive email notifications.

Team/Community Manager

eCoaches as manager can set up and manage their team page and tools.   Under the team manager link, eCoaches can set up team blogs, forums, calendar, announcements, surveys, and use the reporting tools. Clone other team pages, set up tabs, hide some to show later, archive and restore tabs, embed Web 2.0, embed team tools, and text box. Drag and drop items on team pages. Use the Roster for contact names, to view and reset passwords. Set up Preferences on what team members can do.

Teams, groups, and/or individuals

Members can collaborate in teams and get the support of one or more eCoaches on the team. Members can join teams from Teams to Join on the left sidebar navigation. Organizations can set up teams and sub-teams called Rooms. Members can set up groups from their friends list.




Technical Support

Support request for technical issues involving My eCoach Go to Contact Us at the top bar to request technical support or to report abuse.

Tell a Friend

Share My eCoach using Tell a Friend. Send or modify the script to email your friends about My eCoach and why you recommend it for them.

Text Editor

Use the WYSIWYG text editor with every tool. Format text, styles, and paragraphs, create lists, indent, add blockquotes, insert links, images, anchors, custom characters, audio, video, calendars, date and time, and tables. Check spelling, paste as plain text or from Word, clean up messy code, find and replace words, preview and more.

Time Stamps

View last login time of team members. eCoaches can view time stamps wherever they view their members in My eCoach.

Tips and Tricks

Rotating tips on the Home page. Tips appear bi-weekly about My eCoach features, other programs, and strategies for teachers and students. Featured tips appear in the My eCoach newsletter.


Where you go to start working on any of the tools. Go to the left sidebar navigation to start a blog, survey, quiz, find Web 2.0 to embed, builders, add and remove standards from your standards viewer, add widgets to your sidebar, and use search.


Every tool and feature has a step-by-step tutorial Tutorials are in a database and some are in video form. Many are being updated.

Universal Builder

An open-ended flexible website builder to create and publish websites, projects and courses. A very easy to use website builder and blog combined. Co-author, clone, add links and comments, match to standards, upload images, audio and video files, embed code to view Web 2.0 tools, drag and drop pages and tabs, choose from time-saving templates and more. Create personal websites, class and teacher websites, online courses, collaborative projects, lesson plans, ePortfolios, and more.

Use Preferences to customize who sees your website or which pages, password protect it, choose different themes, allow cloning and commenting, request feedback and submit to eLibrary. 




User control

Members can control who has access to their materials. Members can control who can view their blogs, builders, calendars, surveys, and quizzes. They can use Preferences to control who sees pages in their website and team tabs. They invite co-authors and can allow or not allow cloning and commenting.

Web publishing

Members can have their own projects published to the Internet. Universal Builders, public blogs, suverys, and quizzes can be published to the Internet for non-members and members.

Who’s Online

Lists who is online. View eCoaches and members with their picture, profile, flag for country, and access to contact info to send a message. eCoaches can see date and time stamp.




"Computer Strategies and its division, My eCoach®, has worked with our district for many years. They have been consistently effective in helping Oakland teachers integrate technology into their curriculum. More than that, they have been flexible, creative, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their work makes a difference for Oakland students and teachers."

Peter Hutcher
Technology Specialist
Oakland USD - Oakland, CA

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