Learning in Greece
This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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A few pictures from Vienna

By Janice Friesen      July 24, 2007 -- 09:13 AM
Because of the huge outcry from reader (s) of the blog I decided I would add a post (or maybe two?) about Vienna.  It will not necessarily be very educational, but it will be a chance to post a few pictures and a few reflections.

Vienn...   more...
Comments: 3   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  August 14, 2010 -- 11:01 AM

Farewell from Greece

By Janice Friesen      July 20, 2007 -- 10:41 PM
This will be my last post from Greece.  We are leaving by train this morning to Athens and then on to Vienna, Austria where we will be spending a week.  I am not going to try and blog from there.

Here are pictures from the Corinth Canal that I have not had a chance to share yet.

Yesterday I had time to talk with
Panyotis, the pot painter who I talked with in other visits and also to go to the orphanage and try to find the sculpture.  Unfortunately, I did not find the sculpture, so I cannot update you on how it looks now.  We also went to look at the basin that was discovered at the end of the dig last year (2006)...   more...
Comments: 5   Last Comment By Milaree  April 17, 2008 -- 03:49 PM

Isthmea and Volunteering at a Dig

By Janice Friesen      July 20, 2007 -- 01:24 AM
Isthmea was the one of four sites that held athletic games, like the Olympic Games that are every four years.  It is the town that is right next to what is now the canal, but there wasnít a canal back then (isthmus means a narrow land-bridge connecting two continents or land masses).  People came all over to compete and to watch the competition. On the archaeological site is a huge temple for Poseidon who the games were dedicated to. I have decided not to write a lot of facts about the games because I would just be looking on the Internet (and in books) and you can do that yourself from ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Sister Susie  July 22, 2007 -- 02:48 PM


By Janice Friesen      July 18, 2007 -- 10:47 PM
I thought it would be interesting to visit ancient Sparta because I remembered hearing about it in history class, but I was told that there wasnít much to see there.  However, it is still a beautiful drive and there was supposed to be a very interesting Olive Oil Museum.

Sparta looks mostly like a modern Greek city.  There were lots of cars and shops.  I even saw some recognizable ones like United Colors of Benetton.  There was no evidence of ancient Sparta at first glance.  Then we followed some signs to a museum.  It was small, but had some nice mosaics and a few ...   more...
Comments: 4   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  July 24, 2007 -- 09:11 AM

Taking Care of Artifacts

By Janice Friesen      July 18, 2007 -- 09:09 AM
More News:
The fires were still going today on the back of Acrocorinth.  We could just see the smoke and the helicopter and planes ...   more...
Comments: 3   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  August 1, 2007 -- 07:51 AM


By Janice Friesen      July 17, 2007 -- 11:01 AM

NEWS BULLETIN-We just returned to Corinth from a trip to Sparta.  On the way we saw that there was a big fire on Acrocorinth (the big mountain behind Corinth).  There were planes and helicopters flying back and forth from the sea bringing water to p...   more...

Comments: 4   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  July 17, 2007 -- 10:51 PM

People working at an Archaeological Dig

By Janice Friesen      July 16, 2007 -- 05:29 AM
Today I am going to show you a few of the people who are working here at Corinth and tell you about them.  There are people from all different levels of education here using the artifacts to help them learn and to publish.

Erica is not finished with her doctorate yet.  She is from Italy, but is studying in England.  She is working on getting her doctorate.  She is interested in Byzantine pottery. She said that a lot of the ancient pottery in Italy was imported from Corith.  If you look at a map you can see how close Greece and Italy are. She spends her time taking looking ...   more...
Comments: 8   Last Comment By maggie  December 14, 2007 -- 06:41 AM

Opera at Epidaurus and Mycenae

By Janice Friesen      July 15, 2007 -- 02:07 AM
On the way to Epidaurus we went to Mycenae.  There is an interesting archaeologist story about Mycenae.  In the mid 1800s most archaeologists thought that the Illiad and the Odyessy written by Homer (great stories-you should read them!) were just stories and not based in reality.  Heinrich Schliemann was a flamboyant archaeologist who did not want to listen to others and decided he was going to find the ancient cities that the books were based on.  He went to Mycenae to dig.  Everyone was surprised at what he found.  There was gold and treasure and signs that the city ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  July 16, 2007 -- 05:19 AM

Becoming an Archaeologist

By Janice Friesen      July 13, 2007 -- 07:13 AM

Today I was going to show you some pictures from the work in the museum, but I had to get permission and so I think I will be able to put them in here on Monday.  I thought it might be interesting to hear about how someone decided to become an archaeologist.


Nancy Bookidis did not like school, but she always knew that she wanted to be an archaeologist. As a child she liked to dig and find things and to draw.  She was always very interested in history.  Because of that she did keep going to school until she got her doctorate. She spent time working and learning at archaeological ...   more...

Comments: 2   Last Comment By Sister Susie  July 15, 2007 -- 12:28 PM

Sorry, no blog today

By Janice Friesen      July 12, 2007 -- 08:00 AM

I am writing from the Internet cafe again. I am here with other people who don't want to wait while I write a blog, so I am going to have to take a day off.

More tomorrow!

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More News from an Internet Cafe (a different one!)

By Janice Friesen      July 11, 2007 -- 08:43 AM

Here I am in an Internet cafe again writing my blog.  The cafe I am in is different than the one I was at  yesterday.  This one is called Internet and Games and is like a big and very nice computer lab where people (mostly young guys) come to play computer games.  The music is loud and smoking is allowed, but you can get a frappe and it only costs 2 Euro an hour.

I do have pictures, but am having trouble uploading them now... maybe I will edit and add them later.

I have been spending most of my time volunteering in the museum for the last few days.  Tomorrow I am going ...   more...

Comments: 2   Last Comment By Sister Susie  July 15, 2007 -- 12:50 PM

Greek Myths

By Janice Friesen      July 10, 2007 -- 11:04 AM

First of all, I am sorry that the pictures I am putting into the Blog today do not have as much to do with the content.  The Internet connection at the archaeological house where I am staying has been shut down.  I am putting up the blog from the Internet cafť in the picture.  At the archaeological house the Internet was free and wireless.  It was great.  Here it costs three euros an hour.  Here is where you can find out how much a Euro is in Dollars.


Now to our regularly programmed blog content:


The Greeks are well known as storytellers.  In ...   more...

Comments: 2   Last Comment By Sister Susie  July 11, 2007 -- 07:36 AM

A Trip across the Corinth Canal

By Janice Friesen      July 9, 2007 -- 05:13 AM
First of all here are the pictures of the columns.  I have been reading a bit about the different types of columns and reasons for them, but I have other things to tell you, so let me know if you want more on this topic.

Yesterday I swam in the ocean again and had some very interesting experiences.  But first I was stuck in a traffic jam. It was an interesting traffic jam because we were crossing the Corinth Canal 

(Up Close and Personal from archived blog) and the bridge at one end of the canal does a very interesting thing to allow both boats ...   more...
Comments: 4   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  July 17, 2007 -- 11:11 PM

Greece in the Summer

By Janice Friesen      July 6, 2007 -- 11:29 AM
When people think about Greece they often think of Islands and beaches.  That is mainly because that is what tourist agencies want you to think about.  But it is also because there are a lot of beaches in Greece and the water is beautiful and warm.  

The Peloponnese ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Sister Susie  July 8, 2007 -- 12:55 PM

Ancient Greek Architecture

By Janice Friesen      July 5, 2007 -- 05:36 AM
This is a topic that I will be coming back to often. Today will just be a start.  I hope you will send me questions.  As I go to different sites I plan to take pictures and to put more information here.

The most striking thing about Corinth is the columns on what archaeologists call ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Ion  July 6, 2007 -- 10:18 AM

Day for Catching up

By Janice Friesen      July 4, 2007 -- 11:58 AM
Happy 4th of July!  It was the 4th of July here also, but since it is Greece it is not a national holiday.  

We slept in until about 11 this morning.  It seems like a day when not much happened, but I guess that is because we slept so much of it.  We did take a drive to a nearby town of Nemea ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Carolyn Foote  July 8, 2007 -- 05:46 AM

More than 24 Hours on the Road

By Janice Friesen      July 3, 2007 -- 09:50 AM
Well, I am now on the fifth leg of the journey to Corinth, Greece.  It all started out at 9:30 am Monday, July 2 with a  short flight from Austin to Dallas, Texas.  We then changed planes and headed for St. Louis, Missouri where we met our to sons who are joining us on this trip.  That takes us to 2:30 in the aftenoon of Monday, July 2.  Then we got on another shortish flight to Cinncinati, OH and changed planes for the long trip across the Atlantic Ocean.  (thatís three planes so far) We flew to Paris, France overnight (a short night).  They served us dinner ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Pam Lowe  July 3, 2007 -- 10:25 PM

Thoughts about NECC and Leaving Tomorrow!!

By Janice Friesen      July 1, 2007 -- 04:46 PM

I am enjoying reading what bloggers are saying about their experiences at NECC this year (2007), but my experience was so different.  Last night I spent time reading
Joyce Valenza, Wil Richardson, and Jeff Utecht.  Part of the reason I had a different experience is that I was working with a vendor this year and so spent most of my time in the exhibitions.  It is the other part that I am wondering about.  Why didnít I meet really exiting people in the blogger lounge?  Why donít I twitter? Why didnít I skype during the conference?  Why donít I have an avatar yet?  ...   more...
Comments: 3   Last Comment By Carolyn  July 8, 2007 -- 05:42 AM

Getting Ready-Three days to go

By Janice Friesen      June 30, 2007 -- 09:09 AM
I haven't shared about the passport fiasco.  I think that was because it might turn out bad, but I have to share it now. 

My son is going with us and he did not have a passport.  Through some confusion about his birth certificate and other procrastination of what should be done on time it got too late to get his passport the regular way.  So, ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By small Roxanne Clement  June 30, 2007 -- 04:51 PM

Four More Days!

By Janice Friesen      June 29, 2007 -- 12:20 PM
It is Friday. On Monday I will be on a flight (or several) to Athens, Greece and then on a train to Corinth. On Tuesday the official blogging project starts. I have only heard from a few people who are interested in receiving email updates about the trip. The main interest that I know about is Greek Architecture. Please email janicef@jfriesen.net if you have any requests! Last time I know that many friends and family followed along and commented on the blog, so you never know what the interest will be.

I am going to continue ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Susie  June 29, 2007 -- 03:27 PM

NECC in Atlanta

By Janice Friesen      June 25, 2007 -- 01:47 PM
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At the Exhibition Hall

By Janice Friesen      June 25, 2007 -- 01:37 PM
I have spent the whole day at the exhibition hall helping out with the My eCoach booth and time has flied all day!  Wow!  There has been a constant stream of people visiting the booth and asking questions.  There is lots of interest in My eCoach.

I think it is really hard to explain what My eCoach is, but it is so amazing how many things you can do with it.  Have you tried the Survey tool?  Did you know that you can filter the results?

I want to add that I am going to Greece in just 8 days!

Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Janice Friesen  February 4, 2009 -- 02:26 PM


By Janice Friesen      June 22, 2007 -- 06:57 AM
Come and visit if you can.  We will be at booth #2136.

See you there!


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16 Days until Greece Trip

By Janice Friesen      June 18, 2007 -- 10:58 AM
The countdown continues on my other blog :

I am switching to My eCoach for this blog for a few reasons. 
  1. I wanted to try out the blogging tool.
  2. Blogger.com is not a safe place to send students.
  3. I can easily upload and post pictures to this site.
The newest participants in the blogging project are Home Schoolers who are doing Home Schooling in High School.  They are going to combine following the trip with reading and writing to meet Social Studies and English requirements.  The students are going to use the Comment feature of the blog to ask me to find out ...   more...
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Create your own cartoons

By Janice Friesen      June 8, 2007 -- 09:59 AM
A friend of mine, who reads my blog suggested that I try this site:


It is easy to make your own cartoons!

gif animation    more...
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Blogging in Greece

By Janice Friesen      June 7, 2007 -- 09:07 AM
Today there are 26 more days until the beginning of the Greece Project.  I am keeping a countdown on my other blog http://malahinitx.blogspot.com, but today I am also putting this on the blog that I might be using for the trip.

It is hard to decide which blog to use.  I have now actively tried 4 blogging tools:

1.  blogger.com-th...   more...
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