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Become a Fan of my Facebook Fan Page

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:40 PM
I am currently posting many new works, designs, illustrations, and marketing updates on my blogs and Facebook Fan Page. Become a fan to stay up to date on what My eCoach's new graphic designer and marketing consultant it working on next!

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Book illustrations

By Sara Zimmerman      March 31, 2009 -- 02:34 PM

 This is an example of an illustrative style I have been experimenting with. This is about motherhood and my daughter. I am hoping to get into book and article illustration more. To see my other illustrations, please visit my website at:  Sara Zimmermanís Illustrations

Comments: 4   Last Comment By Krystal  June 14, 2016 -- 06:27 AM

Graphic design illustations

By Sara Zimmerman      March 31, 2009 -- 02:32 PM
This is an example of some of the fun I have been having with CS3 (I am definitely enjoying the Live Trace options!!!)
Comments: 4   Last Comment By Jetsyn  June 14, 2016 -- 06:27 AM

Recent graphic design projects

By Sara Zimmerman      March 31, 2009 -- 02:23 PM
 Here is some stationery, a revised logo and some icons I am working on for My eCoach. I have been enjoying reviving the older logo and bringing a fresh new look to such a great company.
This is a design that is going to be used on a t-shirt and posters for this event. This was my first 3 color t-shirt (note: the t-shirt is the blue color). It was a fun challenge.
To see more of my designs, please visit my updated website in the design section at: Sara Zimmerman Art, Illustration and Design
Comments: 4   Last Comment By Gloriane  June 14, 2016 -- 06:26 AM

Graphic novel illustrations

By Sara Zimmerman      March 31, 2009 -- 02:11 PM

Here is a sample of how I am integrating graphic design and my fine art into a book format. These particular pages are some samples of a graphic novel I am working on.
Comments: 4   Last Comment By Janessa  June 14, 2016 -- 06:26 AM