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Illustration fun

By Sara Zimmerman      May 7, 2009 -- 08:40 PM
Iíve been studying a lot of new illustration trends and graphic design techniques that include hand drawn artworks. Using brush and India Ink as well as pencil and paper, I have been creating a lot of new objects for these looks and having fun including them in my new designs.
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Mother's Day

By Sara Zimmerman      May 7, 2009 -- 08:38 PM
I had fun creating this for my mom for Motherís Day. I incorporated a lot of hand drawn objects that really added to the "personality" of this piece.
Comments: 1   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  May 10, 2009 -- 06:20 AM

Black and white illustrations

By Sara Zimmerman      March 31, 2009 -- 02:52 PM
These are some black and white illustrations about family music time and relaxing. These are both done with India Ink on paper.
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Graphic design illustations

By Sara Zimmerman      March 31, 2009 -- 02:32 PM
This is an example of some of the fun I have been having with CS3 (I am definitely enjoying the Live Trace options!!!)
Comments: 4   Last Comment By Jetsyn  June 14, 2016 -- 06:27 AM