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Please take our Survey

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:40 PM

We want to hear from teachers and administrators

We are looking for input on what type of support you need as a teacher or administrator. Please take a moment to answer this short survey of 8 questions so we can better understand what your needs are.

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Did you Know... that we have a Survey Tool?

By Sara Zimmerman      January 29, 2010 -- 05:03 PM
Need a survey for your students, team members, or school community? Why spend your limited funds on a subscription service for your survey program? Save your money by using the multi-leveled survey tool in My eCoach. As a lifetime member, you can easily create surveys that:
  • stand-alone or work with any programSurvey
  • lets you co-author and clone surveys
  • share with anyone in and outside of My eCoach
  • include images, videos, and files 
  • have ...   more...
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