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Book Club in eCoach

By Barbara Bray      July 30, 2007 -- 02:18 PM
Have you ever wanted to join a book club to discuss a book you just read, are reading, or want to read? Do you want to share ideas about a book that you would like to develop into a curriculum project?

We set up a book club with help from a few of our members and are determining focus. The book club is available to members of the eCoach community who have full access to all features. Here’s our ideas so far:

Use team forum to
  • discuss focus and direction of book club
  • submit books to discuss
  • determine how we will set up the forum
We also plan to use other team tools such as the team page to put up ...   more...
Comments: 7   Last Comment By Elizabeth Oviedo  August 14, 2007 -- 06:00 AM