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New team reporting tools

By Sara Zimmerman      December 10, 2009 -- 10:28 AM
Team managers can now provide even more focused support to their team members by using our new team reporting tools. You can see who is using what tools, how often, and view by each team tool or by each member. Bring up a report and send messages to team members right from that report. We added an At-A-Glance chart that gives you activities in a bar chart by date plus you can compare activities by different dates.

Screenshot of our new team reporting tools

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Schedule a Demo for a Team

By Sara Zimmerman      September 30, 2009 -- 02:48 PM
teams iconAre you interested in streamlining your team's communication and collaboration skills but are not sure how? Are you an individual who wants to be on a team but are not familiar with the tools? Schedule a demo today where we will walk you through team pages using our unique team tools. Contact Us for your demo today.
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Team Tool Video Tutorial for Team Members

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 12:53 PM
We just launched our new team tools, making team management and navigation so much simpler for the both the team member and team manager. Click on the play button below watch a short video on how this team tool can work for you (you may need to turn up your speakers).

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New Team Tools

By Barbara Bray      July 24, 2009 -- 06:15 AM
We just launched our new team tools, making team management and navigation so much simpler!

As a team member, you now have an organized place to find all of your teamsí work, materials, and information. As an eCoach, you now have more editable options, preferences, and space in your private team. This includs
the ability to add, edit, drop and drag tabs, view your team members as friends on the sidebar, add text boxes, embed box, and any team tool, and drop and drag any of those on the tab page. eCoaches can now place the content for their teams and courses right on the team page and ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By robert groves  July 31, 2009 -- 02:24 PM