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How to sign up for free teams?

By Sara Zimmerman      October 23, 2009 -- 01:27 PM
Would you like to collaborate and communicate with other My eCoach members who have similar interests as yourself? My eCoach offers several free teams for Lifetime Members. Teams provide a great way to use My eCoach tools, access resources, share with others, and more. Watch this 1-minute video on how to log in and sign up to join one of our teams.

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Homeschool Team Grows: Free team for members gathers momentum

By Sara Zimmerman      August 27, 2009 -- 08:15 AM
Only a month old, the Homeschool team and resource list is growing. This free team is for any My eCoach member involved in homeschooling. It is a place to communicate, collaborate, share ideas, projects and resources. To join, log in and go to My Community> Teams to Join or click here.    more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Sara Zimmerman  August 31, 2009 -- 03:40 PM