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Winning means Don't Give Up

By Barbara Bray      September 29, 2006 -- 10:23 AM
Jeffrey Taylor from Oakland, CA who has been a member of eCoach since 1999 thought youd be interested in "What do you mean Civil Rights is More than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks?" Jeff finds grants, contests, and giveaways for his classroom. He has won CTAP grants, CUE grants, presented at the Palm Springs CUE Conference with 5 of his students, goes to RAFT for supplies, and much more. We featured Jeff in 2004. He found Donors Choose on our Grants and Contests WRL and decided to apply - three times. He won and this is what he plans to do with the winnings:

ince becoming a ...   more...

Comments: 2   Last Comment By Linda Ullah  October 19, 2006 -- 08:29 AM

Microsoft Voucher Settlement

By Barbara Bray      September 20, 2006 -- 08:48 AM
In 2004, Microsoft agreed to a settlement with consumers and businesses in 14 states to resolve a class action suit that alleged it overcharged for its products. Now that the initial phase of the settlement is complete, some of the money that went unclaimed is available for schools in a "cy pres" fund. Every state is going to handle this money differently, and will have different criteria for how schools can claim it.  The results of the Microsoft voucher settlements are currently in negotiation in many states. 

California $1 Billion +

My eCoach is an approved ...   more...

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New Survey Feature

By Barbara Bray      September 19, 2006 -- 03:50 PM
Would you like a survey feature in My eCoach? Yes or No.

Guess what? Its here. We created a survey tool that can stand-alone or be part of a project. Just click Surveys on the left navigation bar to create your own.

You may be invited to take a survey. We would like to invite you to take our Fall 06 Survey to give us feedback on the direction of the My eCoach community. This way you can see how it looks. The survey is anonymous unless you share your name. The survey is for members and those who have used My eCoach. You can also get to this survey by going to your Survey Home to My eCoach Staff ...   more...
Comments: 5   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  November 6, 2006 -- 08:06 AM

Forest Hills One-to-One Initiative

By Barbara Bray      September 1, 2006 -- 09:40 AM
Forest Hills School District in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a one-to-one laptop initiative with tablet PCs supported by a coaching and mentoring program for nine schools: 6 elementary, 1 middle, and 2 high schools. Twelve teachers and media specialists signed up as eCoaches and attended several workshops including a three day training end of August and September by Barbara. Cary Harrod as the League eCoach will provide support for each of ...   more...
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