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Updated Chat Room

By Barbara Bray      August 30, 2007 -- 03:18 PM

Go ahead and check out the chat feature now. Some of you were concerned about the jumping when you were chatting with others. We fixed that because of your request, so now it is seamless. Just make sure you are in the right chat room. The room that shows up is the All Community Chat room and everyone can read what you are writing.

You will also notice that your messages will stay in the room even after you leave. We did this because many of you wanted to archive the chat. So now the messages will last about 2 hours.

Also one more thing - when people left the chat room, their name and profile would ...   more...
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Embed Code with a Welcome

By Barbara Bray      August 27, 2007 -- 10:28 AM
Thought Iíd share a Voki welcome by embedding the code here. Iíll share how to do this in a tip. Try moving your cursor around and my eyes will follow it. Kind of eery! Then click play to actually hear my voice welcome you.

Get a Voki now!

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New Templates for Universal Builder

By Barbara Bray      August 21, 2007 -- 10:47 PM
We thought you might want to change the look of your website that you create with the Universal builder. So we checked out some pictures from our eLibrary and played around with color schemes to come up with some interesting templates that we hope you will like. We have other ideas floating around in our heads on designs.

Since itís almost Fall, Barbara took the picture in the banner when she was up at Tahoe and gave to Pearl to make a new Fall template:

To see the new templates, edit one of your Universal builders and go to Customize to Templates and scroll to the bottom rows.

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