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Updated FAQs

By Barbara Bray      September 27, 2008 -- 09:21 AM
We have made lots of changes in eCoach and realized it's time to update the FAQs on the inside and outside. We try to keep up with the questions people ask us and share the answers. One thing we didn't share was the 30 day trial account and new pricing for organizations so that's up now. Please check out the FAQs.

We are open to new ideas and questions. Thanks!
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Certificated eCoaches

By Barbara Bray      September 9, 2008 -- 11:08 AM
We set up a new program for eCoaches who wanted to market themselves, their programs, and any services they provide. You can check out who our Certificated eCoaches are and what they created in eCoach. Some of our eCoaches will be offering free teams for members. Keep checking back to see more examples of their work and ideas for new projects in eCoach.

We will be offering Certificated eCoach workshops in the near future. If you are interested, please add a comment below.
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  November 6, 2008 -- 07:15 AM

New 30 Day Trial and Pricing for Organizations

By Barbara Bray      September 3, 2008 -- 01:30 PM
Any new members that sign up for a free account will now get a 30 day trial of all the features in My eCoach. We figured that if you were checking out eCoach, you really needed to be able to access all of the features. After the 30 days are up, then free members continue with their lifetime membership but with limited access. They can always join at any time.

Several large organizations have approached us to give their members access to all of the tools for at least one year so we came up with an annual subscription pricing structure. People are raving about all the tools in eCoach so we want ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Roxanne  September 17, 2008 -- 12:15 PM

Check out our New Look

By Barbara Bray      September 3, 2008 -- 08:12 AM
We figured it was time for a new look when you first come to My eCoach.

We needed new color schemes, sample projects, and pop-ups. The pop-ups give you an overview of some of the features. We have so many features now all in one place that you may not be aware of them. So click on some of these like how to create surveys. We’ll be making more including showing you how you can make pop-ups just like these.    more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Coach Cynthia  September 18, 2008 -- 10:48 PM

Join the Conversations

By Barbara Bray      September 1, 2008 -- 09:53 PM
Now you can ask anyone in the eCoach community a question or answer any question someone else asks using the Conversation Corner. When you login, the Conversation Corner is right on your home.

It is a mini-blog where all you have to do is click Ask Questions to bring up the text editor.

Just ask your question in the title field and add a message that gives more information, links, images, podcasts, or whatever helps you get your question across ...   more...
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