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Follow any Blog

By Charlotte McGovern      May 19, 2009 -- 03:24 PM
You can choose any blog in My eCoach to follow and be automatically notified when a post or comment is added to the blog. 

Find a previously chosen blog you want to follow from My Locker > My Blogs. On your Blog Home, you can find blogs to follow from:
  • your team or that have been shared with you by invitation
  •  the My eCoach staff including the Conversation Corner
  • Community or Public blogs by clicking on Community/Public at the top of the ...   more...
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Centering Images

By Charlotte McGovern      May 19, 2009 -- 02:52 PM
Now you can center an uploaded image in the edit mode of the Universal Builder.
After you have clicked the Add Image icon and have found your image, choose the Center button.
Now your image will be centered on the screen like this.

Comments: 1   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  May 19, 2009 -- 03:00 PM

Search for Members

By Barbara Bray      May 16, 2009 -- 10:37 AM
Are you looking for someone with similar interests that you can collaborate with on a project? You can now search for members either from within your own community or the entire My eCoach community. On the top of the right sidebar, there is a link to Search for Members.

You can search by name, email (even just the domain name), title, city, state, country, school, district, grade, curriculum, and tags.

Your search results will give you a way ...   more...
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Added Reply to Comments

By Barbara Bray      May 7, 2009 -- 02:26 PM
We just added a way that you can reply to a comment on a blog post instead of adding another comment at the end of the list. Letís say you just want to reply to one personís post that was in the middle of a long list of posts. Now you can and that reply indents so you have something similar to a threaded discussion.

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