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Please take our Survey

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:40 PM

We want to hear from teachers and administrators

We are looking for input on what type of support you need as a teacher or administrator. Please take a moment to answer this short survey of 8 questions so we can better understand what your needs are.

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Tip: Brand Yourself

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:38 PM

What is your Unique Selling Position (USP)? How do you stand out in a crowd or in social media so you are remarkable and different enough to get noticed by an employer or client?


You can do this by branding yourself. The job market is tough and sending thousands of resumés may not be the right way to get that "job" you want. This article from AARP...   more...

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March's Useful Posts for Educators and Coaches

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:37 PM

If you are setting up or participating in an online community, training, or coaching program, follow Barbara Bray's blog. Bray writes a regular column on professional development for the OnCue Journal and has been involved in coaching and designing online communities with numerous organizations around the world. Here's links to the latest four posts:

Visit Barbara Bray's website, contact her, or follow her at Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our profile on LinkedIn.

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Playshop for Teachers about PBL

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:37 PM

July 18 - 22, 2011 at Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii

Project Based Learning 101: A Playshop for teachers excited about project-based learning but are unsure of where to begin. This is a week long playshop in Hawaii open to K-12 teachers. Go to this site for more details and to sign up for this unique opportunity.

PBL Summer Institute

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Presentations at Educational Conferences

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:37 PM

CUE Conference in Palm Springs March 17-19

Here are some interesting presentations at this year's Computer Using Educator's conference in Palm Springs. Visit to get a list of open presentations and to sign up for workshops. 

  • Come & Get It - Free Stuff to Use Right Away (3/17 9:30-10:30)  
  • Digital Storytelling and Web 2.0 Playshop (3/17 11:30-2:30)  
  • Mobile Technology: Learning on the Go (3/18 11:30 CUETip)
  • Quick Ways to Bring Joy to Learning (3/18 3:30 CUETip) 
  • Comic Style Storytelling to teach Digital Citizenship
    (Presenter: Jeff Brain 3/19 8am)  

ISTE Conference in Philadelphia June 26-29...   more...

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More updates about our Text Editor

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:36 PM

Last month we launched our new text editor. Here are a few more quick tips about how to use our new text editor:

  • To align your image, go to the second tab (Appearance) to the pull down menu.
  • Use the Full Screen to have more room to type.
  • If you make a mistake while you type, you now can Undo your last actions.
  • Check out the Word icon where you can now insert text from Word and it keeps the formatting the same.
  • The paint brush icon removes messy code.  
  • You can even insert the date and time into your text. 

Click here for an overview of some of the features.New Text Editor

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March's Educational News, Grants and Contests

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:36 PM

Noteworthy updates from the educational community


Contests & Challenges

Grants and Funding Opportunities

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Featured Projects & eLibrary Spotlights

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:35 PM

We go way beyond just providing links to the eLibrary Spotlights for our search results by finding additional activities, vocabulary, keywords and tags, extension activities, standards matched to this resource, essential questions and more. Login and click on the eLibrary Spotlight for more details about each site.  

 Featured Projects

eLibrary Spotlights

Do you know a great resource? Please ...   more...

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Project-Based Activities Showcase

By Sara Zimmerman      March 15, 2011 -- 02:34 PM

Language Arts and Social Studies Madison Middle school teachers and students showcased their technology projects to over 220 parents and family members. This was a success thanks to a great team that included Oakland Unified School District's Instructional Technology department, a supportive principal Dr. Taylor and dedicated teachers. What a fun evening for everyone!

Ancient Egypt Travel AgentMs. Elphick's 6th grade Ancient Egyptian Travel Agents promoted their Egyptian city with special deals for camels and pyramids. Mr. Kim's 8th grade students created songs, skits, and poems about the pros and cons of the Bill of Rights amendments...   more...

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