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Be One of the ING Unsung Heroes

By eCoach Staff      December 21, 2011 -- 04:55 PM

ING Unsung Heroes began in 1995 as a way for ING to demonstrate its commitment to the education community. Grants are given to K-12 educators utilizing new teaching methods and techniques that improve learning.

All K-12 education professionals are eligible to apply. Applicants must be employed by an accredited K-12 public or private school located in the U.S. and be a full-time educator, teacher, principal, paraprofessional, or classified staff member working on a project with demonstrated effectiveness in improving student learning. That's YOU!

Submit an application for an ING Unsung Heroes ...   more...

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Whatever It Takes

By eCoach Staff      December 21, 2011 -- 04:46 PM

“Whatever it takes” is an attitude that drives most of Finland’s 62,000 educators in 3,500 schools from Lapland to Turku—professionals selected from the top 10 percent of the nation’s graduates to earn a required master’s degree in education. 



"Whatever it takes" should be education's manifesto everywhere. Every child is unique, special, and gifted. Finland values good teachers, expects them to be highly trained (Master degrees), pays them what they are worth, and provides them ongoing support. Children start school at seven and stay with ...   more...

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Using Technology to Personalize Learning

By eCoach Staff      December 21, 2011 -- 04:17 PM
According to Darrell West in his article "Using Technology to Personalize Learning and Assess Students in Real Time", American education must adopt new instructional approaches and leverage new technologies in the classroom in order for the United States to compete in the global economy. In John Dewey’s book Schools of Tomorrow he wrote in 1915 "conventional public school is arranged to make things easy for the teacher who wishes quick and tangible results." Oh my! That was some time ago. 


Just think 1915!! Dewey made the case that education ...   more...

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Celebrating December's Holidays

By eCoach Staff      December 21, 2011 -- 03:32 PM

The month of December is rich in holiday traditions for millions of people around the world so we created this project for you.

Free Animation from Animation Library

We offer you this project, Celebrating December Holidays, filled with resources to help excite and inspire teachers, parents, and children about this wonderful time of year. You can learn about your own family traditions as well as those of others from countries around the globe. 

Happy Hannukah! Chanukah or Hannukah, the Festival ...   more...

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Be an Armchair Astronaut and See the Universe

By eCoach Staff      December 21, 2011 -- 03:10 PM

Solar SystemEyes on the Solar System is a 3-D interactive environment full of real NASA mission data. Explore the cosmos from your computer. See the entire solar system moving in real time. Use this visualization tool control space and time. As an armchair astronaut it’s up to you.


Use the tutorials to learn how to navigate EYES on the Solar System.


Hop on the the NASA Spacecraft Juno. Juno’s principal goal in this NASA mission is to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter. Underneath its dense cloud cover, Jupiter safeguards secrets to the fundamental processes and conditions that governed ...   more...

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Global Education Collaborative

By Sara Zimmerman      November 11, 2011 -- 08:49 AM

Online Conference November 14-18, 2011 
Global Education CollaborativeDon't miss any of the 325 presentations starting this Monday as part of the 
Global Education Collaborative. Each presentation is using Blackboard Collaborative for you to participate or watch later.

Join Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey as they present Personalized Learning Toolkits on Thursday Nov. 17 at 4pm PST. Go here to access sessions.
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11 Tips on Personalized Learning

By Sara Zimmerman      November 11, 2011 -- 08:49 AM

Personalizing learning means moving to student-centered learning. This takes time. Here are a few tips to help you transform your learning environment. 

  1. Find out how each student learns best.
  2. Allow students to choose their topic.
  3. Encourage teachers and students to co-design the curriculum.
  4. Ask lots of questions.
  5. Teach less, learn more.
  6. Share how you learn.
  7. Connect, extend, challenge.
  8. Re-evaluate assessment.
  9. Define goals and encourage reflection.
  10. Focus on learning, not work.
  11. Coordinate student led conferences .

Learning begins with the learner. What children know and what ...   more...

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Curate Your Own Learning

By Sara Zimmerman      November 11, 2011 -- 08:48 AM

Curation is a new skill that all of us can use. There are multiple curation tools where you can collect resources based on a topic, tags, and other people's suggestions. One curation tool that is growing quickly is Scoop-it. Barbara has set up several Scoop-its that you can follow and rescoop any of the resources to your own Scoop-its: 

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Growing Creative Environments

By Sara Zimmerman      November 11, 2011 -- 08:48 AM

Barbara posts regularly on her blog Rethinking Learning. Join her as she facilitates growing creative and engaging learning environments. Here's some of the latest posts:


Contact Barbara, follow Barbara's blog
and follow her at Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our profile on LinkedIn

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November Featured Projects

By Sara Zimmerman      November 11, 2011 -- 08:47 AM

We are so proud of the featured projects our members have created that they now appear in the lower right on the outside of My eCoach so everyone can view them. Here are a few of the featured projects since the last newsletter:

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