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Theme of the Month: Black History

By Barbara Bray      February 4, 2007 -- 11:53 AM
February is Black History month so we decided to pull together projects for a thematic collection for our commuity from members from our eLibrary, websites that many of you contributed, linkable original art, and several links to books as Featured Projects on our Home Field. Here are a few from that site - go ahead and login to see the full list. Use this blog post to share any websites, images, books, videos, podcasts, or any other type of resource you believe that will benefit others researching the topic of Black History.

African-Americans Impact America
  by Jeffrey Taylor
What impact ...   more...
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Universal Builder Launched!!

By Barbara Bray      January 17, 2007 -- 10:24 PM
The Universal Builder is an open-ended flexible builder that is like a project and blog combined. You can create a website and publish it as a class site, content site, lesson, unit, collaborative project, course, etc. in no time at all.

Customize your Site
Similar to a blog, you can customize your site choosing from a variety of templates.

You can even customize your site even more by adding an image to the template either as a small image on the left or as a banner to make your own look. Add links and embed code to the sidebar. You can add RSS feeds and all types of files including text, ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Ken Bakken  February 5, 2007 -- 08:48 PM

Clone that Survey

By Barbara Bray      January 17, 2007 -- 04:11 PM
Clone This
Our survey feature is becoming really popular. Now not only teachers, administrators, and schools are using it, but businesses and newspapers. Found out one thing that needed to work differently. When you create a survey and someone answers it, you could not go in and change the questions. Think all surveys are like that. Well, we fixed that - had to make it better than any other survey - right?. Now you can create a survey, test it, and then if you want to make changes, clone it.

A clone of that survey appears in your survey home with (clone) after the title. It is the survey with questions ...   more...
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Your Web, Your Way

By Barbara Bray      January 1, 2007 -- 08:56 PM
I was reading the January Time magazine where the "Person of the Year" is You. Yes, you. You control the Information Age. With Web 2.0, everyone and anyone  controls the media. The focus is on citizens of the new digital democracy: Harriet Klausner as one of the world’s most prolific and influential book reviewers (12,896 reviews on Ali Khurshid shares 200 of his photos of the beauty of Pakistan on Flickr. Wordsmith at War, mil-blogger Captain Lee Kelley, writes about his experiences in Iraq. Simon Pulsifer has authored between 2-3,000 Wikipedia articles and edited 92,000 others. ...   more...
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Happy Holidays!

By Barbara Bray      December 14, 2006 -- 01:09 PM
We want to wish you and everyone in the eCoach community a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year!

This time off (if you have time off) is a good time to reflect on the year and what you plan to do next year. This is also a good time to read and maybe write a comment to a blog or blog yourself.

Just finished Small is the New Big by Seth Godin - an interesting compilation of his blogs about the new marketing strategies. The Internet has changed everything. Each chapter is short, on different subjects, but mainly why viral marketing may take over traditional sales and marketing strategies. ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By small Donna Taylor  December 26, 2006 -- 08:52 PM

Going Online

By Barbara Bray      December 6, 2006 -- 08:24 AM
Imagine what would happen if a terrorist organization and or pandemic outbreak disrupted an entire county or city school district, forcing schools and area college campuses to close indefinitely? Where would the teachers and professor go to teach and where would the students go to learn?

These questions are from an article from the Courier Post titled "Schools must learn to use Internet to quickly recover from disaster." They write "...that less than 1 percent of K-12 teachers have ever taught online or received any training on how to teach online, and most universities and colleges teach less ...   more...
Comments: 2   Last Comment By Stephanie Pierce  January 18, 2007 -- 10:18 AM

Google Teacher Academy

By Barbara Bray      November 7, 2006 -- 01:26 PM
I am so lucky to be part of this exciting day at Google (November 7, 2006 at Google Headquarters in Mountain View) along with 50 other teachers and technology specialists.  This morning went so fast: building teams, breakout sessions using the advanced search tools, Google Earth and United Streaming, and Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Cool! Now our job as Google Teacher Educators we need to come up with 3 professional development activities. Even more tools in the afternoon: Picasa and iPhoto, Blogger, Feedburner, Podcasts, and SketchUp. I learned so much so fast. Now I have to go ...   more...
Comments: 1   Last Comment By Janice Friesen  November 8, 2006 -- 07:33 PM

Look who won the Innovation Award

By Barbara Bray      October 30, 2006 -- 10:11 PM
Congratulations to EWYL (Earn While You Learn) teachers Mary Howland, Beth Fensterwald and Steven Caringella who were awarded the $5000 Rambus/KCI Innovation Award for their Environmental Concerns in the Community Project. They asked their fourth, fifth, and eighth grade students to answer the essential question: How do we become aware of local environmental concerns and what can we do to make a difference?

In their collaborative project, each class contributed a key component to be shared by all. Fourth graders collected water quality data from a local creek while fifth and eighth graders ...   more...

Comments: 3   Last Comment By Kelly Hudson  October 31, 2006 -- 09:55 AM

Winning means Don't Give Up

By Barbara Bray      September 29, 2006 -- 10:23 AM
Jeffrey Taylor from Oakland, CA who has been a member of eCoach since 1999 thought you’d be interested in "What do you mean Civil Rights is More than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks?" Jeff finds grants, contests, and giveaways for his classroom. He has won CTAP grants, CUE grants, presented at the Palm Springs CUE Conference with 5 of his students, goes to RAFT for supplies, and much more. We featured Jeff in 2004. He found Donors Choose on our Grants and Contests WRL and decided to apply - three times. He won and this is what he plans to do with the winnings:

ince becoming a ...   more...

Comments: 2   Last Comment By Linda Ullah  October 19, 2006 -- 08:29 AM

Microsoft Voucher Settlement

By Barbara Bray      September 20, 2006 -- 08:48 AM
In 2004, Microsoft agreed to a settlement with consumers and businesses in 14 states to resolve a class action suit that alleged it overcharged for its products. Now that the initial phase of the settlement is complete, some of the money that went unclaimed is available for schools in a "cy pres" fund. Every state is going to handle this money differently, and will have different criteria for how schools can claim it.  The results of the Microsoft voucher settlements are currently in negotiation in many states. 

California $1 Billion +

My eCoach is an approved ...   more...

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