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Check out Some eCoaching Tools

By Barbara Bray      May 20, 2010 -- 08:59 AM
My eCoach offers lots of tools and many of them are not as conspicuous for members. If you are on a team and have an eCoach, your eCoach can provide you ongoing feedback and support to help you meet your learning goals.

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
Members can create an ILP about a specific goal. The power of the ILPs are how they are interactive and allow feedback.
ILPs were created to put in one goal with where you are currently and where you want to be by a specific time. You can add 5 steps and concerns. To know if you are doing this right, you can request for feedback ...   more...
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Customize Look and Feel

By Barbara Bray      May 18, 2010 -- 08:44 AM
When you login to My eCoach, you can change what you see and how My eCoach looks and feels. After you login, go to the inbox at the top right or your profile.

After you click Settings, click on Look and Feel.

This will open some new looks and themes that you can choose from. The default is the teal theme that you were assigned when you first join My eCoach. I had changed my look to an olive green theme. Thought it was time to change it to a more neutral color.
Scroll through all the different themes and choose another theme. Then choose if you want to keep the icons or not.
Then ...   more...
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Even MORE new themes

By Sara Zimmerman      April 5, 2010 -- 04:25 PM
We added some more new themes this month for members of select teams. These new themes can help customize your projects, lessons or even your ePortfolio. Some of the new themes include Art, Clouds, Professional, Music, Winter Flowers and Fall Trees.

These new themes are only available to specific teams. An eCoach can request themes to be added to their team or you can join the New Theme Team for access to these themes for only $15 a year. Stay tuned for more new themes!

Music theme

Professional theme

Winter Flowers theme

Fall Trees theme

Art theme

Cloud theme
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New Themes Team

By Sara Zimmerman      April 5, 2010 -- 04:20 PM
My eCoach created new themes for My eCoach members who really want to create

New Clouds theme is just one of the many themes now available through the New Themes Team
exciting projects using the Universal Builder. Many of these themes work for specific types of websites.

We created this New Themes team:

  • for members to access all of our new and old themes.
  • to review and discuss development of new themes.
  • to help members determine which themes will work best for their websites.
Join Now for a cost-effective way to make different websites that make you look really good!    more...
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Powerful Teacher Training

By Sara Zimmerman      April 5, 2010 -- 03:20 PM
5 Things Powerful Teachers do...

Global Association for Teacher Empowerment (GATE) offers live training opportunities for teachers. GATE is an association of educators developed for educators by educators that is dedicated to empowering teachers everywhere.

Join Teresa Roebuck on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 1pm CST (11am PST) as she interviews Barbara Bray on empowering teachers how to be proactive about their work and themselves. Barbara will share how to:
  • Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Actively participate in Web 2.0 and Social Media
  • Create an Effective ...   more...
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8 Quick My eCoach tips

By Sara Zimmerman      April 5, 2010 -- 03:19 PM
My eCoach has a lot of features that members may not be aware of, so we decided to share some quick tips with you. Some of these tips are new features for everyone while some are new features just for teams:
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April contest for teachers

By Sara Zimmerman      April 5, 2010 -- 02:51 PM
Why do you love to teach?

new MATH theme available to Theme Team Members

We love hearing from you and want to share inspirational thoughts and words that can help get other teachers motivated. Tell us in 250 words or less what excites you to teach by April 30th. Three random winners will each win a free membership to My eCoach’s New Themes Team where they can have access to fun and inspiring themes for their class website, projects, lessons, and ePortolios. Winners will have access to the New Themes Team as long as they want (normally $15/year for members) and a membership to My eCoach if they ...   more...
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Tip: Embed Webpages within your Universal Builder Project

By Sara Zimmerman      March 24, 2010 -- 03:02 PM
You can have outside website appear right in your Universal Builder page. Using an iframe in a label allows you to embed code into the embed box on the Universal Builder page or a tab in the team pages. Insert code like:

You cannot use iframe code with the text editor. Above is a screen capture of the code. We cannot put the exact code in this text editor for you. So here is the code without the brackets <> that you can copy, replace the URL, add the brackets, and then paste the code into the embed box.

bracket iframe width="100%" height="200" align="middle" src="   more...
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My Notes Feature on Teams

By Barbara Bray      March 19, 2010 -- 07:10 AM
Now when you are on any team in My eCoach, you have your own personal notes tab to store files, reflect, keep notes about work on the team, and whatever else you might need while you are on that team.

Click My Notes and then click Add Notes Now.

You will then get a pop-up window to work on your notes that you can use with any of the tabs on your team.

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ePortfolio Process Team

By Sara Zimmerman      March 1, 2010 -- 02:30 PM
Instructions for developing a successful online portfolio

An ePortfolio is a collection of evidence drawn from a digital file cabinet that represents what a person or organization has learned over time. In this ePortfolio Process you will be following these steps:
  • Collect 
  • Plan
  • Create
  • Reflect
  • Publish
  • Promote

Throughout this process, you will have several eCoaches and other members to connect, share, and learn what works for your ePortfolio. There are multiple templates and themes to choose from along with examples, resources, and research. My eCoach members ...   more...
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