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By Cynthia Sistek-Chandler, EdD    March 5, 2007 -- 09:47 AM

My name is Princess Leah Chandler. I love my family. This is me in my eCoach shirt acting cool. I am at a the CUE confrence right now. After I make my blog on the Internet, I will jump in the pool. I like to play on the Internet.My favorite website is American I am very happy that I will get to see my best friend, Isabella on June 9th 2007 three days after my birthday (because my birthday is June 6th). I will be very happy to see her. We will have my birthday party when she comes.I am very happy with school and my school teacher. Right now I feel like I am a princess.I am very proud to be writing this blog with my family.
My Rolling eyes!

This is my newest princess that I just put on the family blog.


Today I finished my Vocabulary crosswords book
[wicth I started last December] If you wanted to know when I started it. I love princesses thatís why I put eight princesses on the family blog. Last night I went to dinner at the hotel it was very nice last night at dinner.The front princess looks like Salor Moon. If you want to know how I got these princesses you type in princesses on google and then type in princess and then press return.

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By Leah      December 29, 2007 -- 07:52 PM
Hi Janice its Leah Thank You very much for your nice comments and blogging is very fun and very amusing.

By Janice Friesen      March 8, 2007 -- 01:52 PM
Hi Leah,

I met your Mom at the meetings that we had in February in Oakland. I live in Austin, Texas. I like your princess picture! Isn't blogging fun!

Janice Friesen

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