Learning in Greece
This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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Blogging in Greece
By Janice Friesen    June 7, 2007 -- 09:07 AM

Today there are 26 more days until the beginning of the Greece Project.  I am keeping a countdown on my other blog http://malahinitx.blogspot.com, but today I am also putting this on the blog that I might be using for the trip.

It is hard to decide which blog to use.  I have now actively tried 4 blogging tools:

1.  blogger.com-this is easy to use and very functional.  The drawback is that it is not appropriate for school use.  You do not want students to be going there and flipping to see other blogs or searching and finding in appropriate stuff.

2.  edublogger.com-This is what I used last time and I really liked it.  It is a little less functional than blogger.com.  Some things were a bit more difficult to do, but for the most part it worked really well and I like it.

3.  classblogmeister.com-I am using this blog with my ESL class.  I really like it because they each have their own blog and they can write and it will not be published until I approve it.  When I am approving it there is a window for me to write them notes and suggest corrections which ONLY they can see.  When it is perfect I can publish it.  This blog is set up to be seen by password only.  I think you can do that with other blogs, but I am not sure that they have the approval tool possibility.  It is clunky though and in order to put pictures or colored text into it I have to know code. 

4.  My eCoach Blog-I cannot rate this yet because I have not used it.  I think that one drawback will be the URL of the blog... but I will see.

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