Learning in Greece
This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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Four More Days!
By Janice Friesen    June 29, 2007 -- 12:20 PM

It is Friday. On Monday I will be on a flight (or several) to Athens, Greece and then on a train to Corinth. On Tuesday the official blogging project starts. I have only heard from a few people who are interested in receiving email updates about the trip. The main interest that I know about is Greek Architecture. Please email janicef@jfriesen.net if you have any requests! Last time I know that many friends and family followed along and commented on the blog, so you never know what the interest will be.

I am going to continue the countdown after today on the blog that I will be using for the project: http://jfriesen.my-ecoach.com.

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By Susie      June 29, 2007 -- 03:27 PM
octopus - yuck Don't forget to visit the orphanage where you went last year. They had put up a sculpture made by everyone. Put up a new picture of it. Thanks. Don't forget to sample chocolate and candy everywhere you go.

By Anne Lambert      June 29, 2007 -- 02:52 PM
Thanks for letting me know about this year's blog. I will be watching and archiving the information for my students at John Muir School. Your facts and insights were wonderful, and my younger students found the learning very fun because you included a few cat photos! Have a safe trip.