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This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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Thoughts about NECC and Leaving Tomorrow!!
By Janice Friesen    July 1, 2007 -- 04:46 PM

I am enjoying reading what bloggers are saying about their experiences at NECC this year (2007), but my experience was so different.  Last night I spent time reading
Joyce Valenza, Wil Richardson, and Jeff Utecht.  Part of the reason I had a different experience is that I was working with a vendor this year and so spent most of my time in the exhibitions.  It is the other part that I am wondering about.  Why didnít I meet really exiting people in the blogger lounge?  Why donít I twitter? Why didnít I skype during the conference?  Why donít I have an avatar yet?  What keeps me from wanting to try Second Life? Why did I have such a hard time putting my thoughts together to blog during the conference?

How do all of those other bloggers, that I read and appreciate, write about their experiences in such interesting ways during an event or shortly after?  What is it about these people that allows them to interact so quickly with ideas?  I tried blogging a bit during the edubloggercon and I didnít write anything that was worth posting.  I had a few impressions, but so much of what I experienced that day needs to filter down and combine with other things I have experienced and learned in order to make any meaning for me.  Maybe these people have more time than I do to read other blogs and think about them.  I think through my time and wonder what I could cut out in order to keep up with reading and writing blogs and the only thing I can think of is sleep.  Maybe I sleep too many hours, but if I sleep less I donít think very well.

I wonder what other people think about this.  Is there something that makes this work for some people and not others?  Donít get me wrong, I totally admire the prolific bloggers that I read and think that they are on to somethingÖ.  I am just not sure how it fits for me.

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By Carolyn      July 8, 2007 -- 05:42 AM

Even though I was blogging the conference, I had some of the same reactions, too.
I know Second Life is probably fascinating but from a practical standpoint, I am doubtful that I can get many teachers interested in using it. So I feel like it's important to spend time on things that they will use. (plus my computer is too slow to run it!)

And though I went to the blogger cafe, not knowing what anyone looks like was a disadvantage! I was starting to meet more people the last day, but then it was over.

I did try twitter during the conference, and am enjoying that. You should join and add your comments from Greece. That would be fun!

(and Megan--I'd love to know more about the del.icio.us session)

By Megan Golding      July 3, 2007 -- 04:35 AM
It's so funny reading your reactions about your er, reactions because they're quite similar to mine.

I've chalked my blogging (and learning) style up to being concrete. Many of the bloggers you cite are abstract thinkers.

I found note taking in the sessions to be very easy exactly because of how concrete the activity is.

My favorite session in my whole time at NECC was the one on Research with Del.icio.us. It was concrete and taught me a method I hadn't thought to use before.

By now, I think I should be telling you Welcome to Greece! Enjoy your time in Corinth.

By Anne      July 1, 2007 -- 06:16 PM
Safe trip. Muir School has the blog posted, and our seat belts are fastened. Thanks for taking us along again! PS We also posted the cartoon-making website.