Learning in Greece
This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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More than 24 Hours on the Road
By Janice Friesen    July 3, 2007 -- 09:50 AM

Well, I am now on the fifth leg of the journey to Corinth, Greece.  It all started out at 9:30 am Monday, July 2 with a  short flight from Austin to Dallas, Texas.  We then changed planes and headed for St. Louis, Missouri where we met our to sons who are joining us on this trip.  That takes us to 2:30 in the aftenoon of Monday, July 2.  Then we got on another shortish flight to Cinncinati, OH and changed planes for the long trip across the Atlantic Ocean.  (thatís three planes so far) We flew to Paris, France overnight (a short night).  They served us dinner and breakfast on the flight!  We arrived in Paris the next morning, local time at around 9:30 a.m. Then there was the flight from Paris to Athens, Greece and now I am on a train from Athens to Corinth.  When we get there we will take a taxi to our final location.  Now it is Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. Greece time.  My computer, which is still on Austin, TX time says that it is 9:30 am. 

Here is a picture of me with my two sons waiting for our luggage in Athens.  Can you find us among the crowd?  

When we get to Corinth there will be time to settle in, eat some dinner and then have a long nightís sleep.

Thatís enough for now.  Tomorrow I promise to write more about Greece when I am less tired!

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By Pam Lowe      July 3, 2007 -- 10:25 PM
I think it's wonderful that you and your family get to enjoy this learning journey together. I look forward to reading your future posts.