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Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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Day for Catching up
By Janice Friesen    July 4, 2007 -- 11:58 AM

Happy 4th of July!  It was the 4th of July here also, but since it is Greece it is not a national holiday.  

We slept in until about 11 this morning.  It seems like a day when not much happened, but I guess that is because we slept so much of it.  We did take a drive to a nearby town of Nemea in order to visit someone that is working on an archaological dig there.  

Every for years we hear a lot about the Olympic games, but in ancient Greece there were actually games every year at 4 different places.  One of the places was Nemea, where the Nemean games took place.  In each place there was a different crown for the winner and in Nemea it was celery.  That surprised me and I will need to find out more about it.  We did not visit the archaeological site yet and when we do I will have to find out more.  During this trip I am going to visit all 4 of the game sites.  I will know more as I visit each one.  

I am including a picture of the beautiful Nemean valley, which has been known for growing good wine grapes since ancient days and also a picture of the back of Acrocorinth.  Remember that because I will be putting a picture of the front of it soon also.

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By Carolyn Foote      July 8, 2007 -- 05:46 AM
How interesting to get to see all four sites of the "original" Olympics!

I'm looking forward to hearing more!

By Mark Ahlness      July 4, 2007 -- 12:19 PM
Janice, it looks beautiful! And the history is so amazing (4 yrs of HS Latin will do that to you). Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to reading/seeing more, and Happy Fourth, anyway! - Mark