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This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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More News from an Internet Cafe (a different one!)
By Janice Friesen    July 11, 2007 -- 08:43 AM

Here I am in an Internet cafe again writing my blog.  The cafe I am in is different than the one I was at  yesterday.  This one is called Internet and Games and is like a big and very nice computer lab where people (mostly young guys) come to play computer games.  The music is loud and smoking is allowed, but you can get a frappe and it only costs 2 Euro an hour.

I do have pictures, but am having trouble uploading them now... maybe I will edit and add them later.

I have been spending most of my time volunteering in the museum for the last few days.  Tomorrow I am going to tell you something interesting that I learned, but I want to ask if I can use a few pictures before I write about it. So, today I just thought I would look over some of the comments from the last few days and give whatever answers I can. 

Yesterday I talked about Jason and Megan put in an excellent link to the Jason project.  Jason was the hero of a story called Jason and the Argonauts.  Part of that story is how he got the Golden Fleece from under a dragon.  It is a pretty great story.  However, after reading the play by Euripides I am not so sure he was such a great guy.  I mean, he acted like he didn't understand why Medea was upset that he was marrying the princess.  Maybe it was Euripides who had a wierd view of women.  Here are a few quotes from the play:

"And therein lies a woman's best security, to avoid conflict with her husband"

"Woman is in most aspects a timid creature, with no heart for strife and aghast at the sight of steel; but wronged in love, there is no heart more murderous than hers."

"Moreover by our meer nature we women are helpless for good, but adept at contriving all manner of wickedness."

Sister Susie said that she did not like the idea of a mother killing her own children.  You can see that Euripides had a strange view of women and some say that the real story is that the king of Corinth had them killed and blamed it on her since he wanted Jason to marry his daughter...  That sounds more plausible if you ask me.

Finally,  Susie asked about typing the string of characters.  If you don't know what she means you should try putting in your own comment!  The reason it is there is that it is a way to prove that you are a human rather than a machine.  Machines that put spam into blogs can only read characters and not graphics.  The letters in the graphic are unreadable by a machine, so when you type in what you see it proves you are a person.

Talk to you again tomorrow!



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By Sister Susie      July 15, 2007 -- 12:50 PM
I guess I shouldn't be, but I am surprised spam would happen to a blog. I guess spam happens everywhere.

So now I will tell you where Tim & I ate. We went to L.A. to visit Tim's Mom. We went to breakfast at a Hawaiian restaurant and we had something called a Royale. It is eggs scrambled with bean sprouts and other different things of your choice served over rice. Then you add soy sauce or their homemade teriyaki sauce. You could even get spam (but I didn't). Yum Yum. Check out their website http://www.ruttscafe.com/

By Ben Erin      July 13, 2007 -- 11:12 AM
Hi Janice, I see you are having a great time! Your internet cafe story brings back fond memories of my European vacation (and not so fond memories of smoke!).
I love your pictures, good going.
Apparently there are several surf spots out at the Greek Islands I was not aware of... the pictures on wannasurf.com look fantastic.
Take Care and say hi to Steve.