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This is a project blog communicating with students about my trip.
Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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Taking Care of Artifacts
By Janice Friesen    July 18, 2007 -- 09:09 AM

More News:
The fires were still going today on the back of Acrocorinth.  We could just see the smoke and the helicopter and planes that were getting water from the ocean and dumping it on the fire.  Here are some pictures from the fire yesterday.  I really think it was amazing to see the plane getting the water from the ocean.

I thought it was amazing when I looked at this table and saw all of the potshards and realized that there are people who spend all of their time matching shards and putting pots together.  

But what do you think of this sequence of pictures:

Did you know that there are people who take the pots apart and then figure out where all of the pieces go and put them back together again!!  There are!

Nicole is one of them.  She is a conservator.  She has had university training to do this amazing work.  She told me that the old way of restoring pots was to make them look whole.  They used plaster to fill in any of the missing shards.  They also used a different glue than we have today.  So, part of her job is to take pots that have been put together using the old method and take them apart, clean off the old glue and then rebuild them with new techniques.  Now a researcher can look at a pot and easily see what is existing and what is missing.  

How would you like to do that job?

Tomorrow I will write about the visit to Sparta.

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By small Janice Friesen      August 1, 2007 -- 07:51 AM
I am amazed that anyone would love that job!  Nicole told me that she does not like jigsaw puzzles at all because she gets enough of it at work!!  It is good that we are all different and have different likes and dislikes.


By Becky Van Lieu      August 1, 2007 -- 07:12 AM
I would love that job! I came across your blog in a technology course I am taking. Sounds like anamzing trip.

I love putting puzzles together-might be nice to get paid for it.

Take care-
Becky Van Lieu
Pennwood MS, PA

By Kelly & Mitch      July 26, 2007 -- 01:56 PM
This is very interesting! We've been very busy but are now getting a chance to look at your blog!