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Janice Friesen
Information Technologist (IT)
Austin, TX

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A few pictures from Vienna
By Janice Friesen    July 24, 2007 -- 09:13 AM

Because of the huge outcry from reader (s) of the blog I decided I would add a post (or maybe two?) about Vienna.  It will not necessarily be very educational, but it will be a chance to post a few pictures and a few reflections.

Vienna is a wonderful city!  We are staying in a rented apartment with three other friends of my husband who are going to the same conference that he is attending (Society of Biblical Literature).  It is an amazing apartment.  There is a wood floor with large carpets in the rooms.  There is one smaller bedroom, a living room/dining room with a pullout couch, a large bedroom (which sleeps 4!), a kitchen (one of our friends said he saw the exact model at Ikea), a bathroom with a washer-dryer combination-it does both tasks!

Today I wandered around and went to a museum and took some pictures.  What most strikes me here is that EVERYTHING is decorated and the decorations are detailed and very beautiful.  Even the run down apartment buildings have statues built into them!

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By small Janice Friesen      August 14, 2010 -- 11:01 AM
Can you imagine growing up with this beauty and art all around you all of the time? What if that seemed like the norm? Would you be a more artistic person?

By Matt Craemer      August 11, 2010 -- 08:04 AM
I believe that Vienna is a very clean city, especially for a large capital city. It is beautifully decorated with such exquisite buildings of a multitude of architectural styles: St. Stephansdom is gothic; die Karlskirche is baroque; so many examples of Art Nouveau... Vienna is my second favorite city in the world... only Prague in the Czech Republic surpasses it, in my opinion.

By Sister Susie      July 25, 2007 -- 08:59 AM
So the picture is of the museum and not your apartment building? Everything looks old and majestic. Is Vienna a clean city?