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Art Show Opening December 10th
By Sara Zimmerman    November 24, 2009 -- 12:43 PM

My "Woman in Raw" exhibit opens with a reception on Thursday, December 10th from 4:30 to 6pm at Dragonfly Cuisine at 10118 Donner Pass Road, upstairs, in Truckee, CA. The opening is open to the public. Appetizers will be served and attendees can enter a free drawing for a print of THE FLOW, shown below. The exhibit will be on display through the end of April 2010.

My "Woman in Raw" series reflects my story of becoming a mom, balancing motherhood and sanity, my love for my daughter and family, life's struggles, moving away and then back to Truckee, etc. All works are done in multiple layers on large, un-stretched canvas, mimicking the layers and rawness of life as a parent.

What it means
The title of the art show, “Woman in Raw” epitomizes my story of becoming a mom and changing my lifestyle. Pre-baby, I was an active artist in the community, having regular art shows, volunteering for North Tahoe Arts, and sitting on the steering committee of what eventually became ACCTT. Additionally, I met with an artist group weekly, played drums in a band, worked at Moonshine Ink, and played outdoors every day. But pregnancy changed my routine. I became so uncomfortable and tired during my pregnancy that I soon stopped all of my activities. After my daughter was born, I wanted to give her a lot of attention so I had to place my activities on hold. However, these activities defined me. Being stripped of them made me look inward and reexamine who I really am without being labeled by the things I do. The works included in the “Woman in Raw” series mirror the “rawness” I felt while examining my core self, without the labels.

The Artworks and the Process
My earlier works are defined by curvaceous images of florals and landscapes on small to mid-sized canvases. My postpartum reflective time redefined my art and pushed me to express myself through art in new ways. First, I started by laying large, un-stretched canvases on the ground, (some span more than 50 square feet!). Then, I took leftover paint from job sites and friends’ homes and began throwing it at the canvas. I scraped, jabbed, scratched, and spread the paint over the canvas until abstract shapes developed. From there, I painted layer upon layer upon layer until eventually, a female shape emerged from the abstraction. As a result, each painting is not only a whimsical representation of an abstracted female figure and family life, but an artistic rendition of layered postpartum/ early motherhood emotions and realizations as well.

"The Flow",  acrylic on canvas:

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