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Request Feedback from your eCoach
By Barbara Bray    September 28, 2010 -- 03:11 PM

You are creating a website, lesson, or project with My eCoach’s Universal Builder and you need help. If you are part of a team and have an eCoach, you can now request feedback on each and any page you are working on.

You get a pop-up with your eCoach(es). Choose one and send request for help. All communication between you and your eCoach is private and confidential. Only you and your eCoaches can see your comments and the eCoach replies.

When you receive a comment, you get a message in My eCoach and an email notification if you set that up in your settings. You can also see a comment icon next to a link to your Universal Builder project on Recent Activities. Click on the comment and it takes you right to that comment in edit mode.

You can also ask for feedback from your eCoach on your ILP (Individual Learning Plan).

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