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Leadership Program at SDCOE
By Barbara Bray    August 24, 2006 -- 06:09 AM

San Diego County Office of Education provides leadership training as part of the principal certification program. eCoach Cynthia Sistek-Chandler led Team A along with the support of Ward Smith as the "trailblazing team" for the NEW AB75 (now AB430) curriculum. Sheri Barker, Director of Leadership Services, provided direction while Cynthia adapted a comprehensive curriculum folded into a very full three days. All AB75/430 participants are required to complete all seat time (24 hours) and practicum hours (16-20 hours), totaling 40 hours for Module 3.

As the first team, Team A was introduced to a collaborative Learning Community in My eCoach and was exposed to technology tools as they pertain to their role as educational leaders. This group represented three counties and ten school districts. Four of the team members joined them from Riverside County and another joined from Imperial County. The three days were jam packed full of activities with each participant developing a project they shared with the other principals. They have the opportunity to continue in the eCoach community as lifetime members with support from Cynthia and Ward and participate in future workshops. Another team, Team B, will start Module 3 middle of September.

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