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Forest Hills One-to-One Initiative
By Barbara Bray    September 1, 2006 -- 09:40 AM

Forest Hills School District in Cincinnati, Ohio, has a one-to-one laptop initiative with tablet PCs supported by a coaching and mentoring program for nine schools: 6 elementary, 1 middle, and 2 high schools. Twelve teachers and media specialists signed up as eCoaches and attended several workshops including a three day training end of August and September by Barbara. Cary Harrod as the League eCoach will provide support for each of the eCoaches and be eCoach for one of the elementary schools. Barbara will support Cary virtually.

One team was set up for the eCoaches so they could learn the features in My eCoach. Teams were set up for each school with one or two eCoaches leading these teams with from 9 to 15 people from Cadre One and Two. There will be total of 90 people this first year of this initiative.

In the 3 days, they set up their teams, brainstormed ideas, and collaborated in developing projects using the new custom builder. Michael Seiler, Tonya Herron, John Cook, and Ellie Preston are creating a comprehensive how-to on PC Tablet Best Practices along with demonstrations and examples. Tracy Williams, Patti Lewis, Debra Simson, Trisha Underwood, and Tracy Varner are developing a project on Big6 and strategies for Information Literacy. Becky Tiefenbach, Mary Mitchell, and Cary Harrod are creating a project on Big Ideas on Understanding by Design so teachers have background, overview, along with some examples.

eCoaches will be meeting with the cadres at district monthly meetings, at their school scheduled at their discretion, and virtually through My eCoach.


 Planning their teams
Collaborating on Projects 
Working Hard
Deep in Thought
Working in Teams
Helping Each Other

Ellie did a presentation on the tablet showing how to use SmartBoard software with the tablet.

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