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Common Core Standards Available in My eCoach
By Barbara Bray    October 18, 2010 -- 01:09 PM

The Common Core Standards (English/Language Arts and Mathematics) are available in the My eCoach standards alignment tool. We encourage you to add the standard that meets the learning objective or target with your lesson or project. There are a few projects matched to the standards.

Add The Common Core Standards to your Standards List. Go to Toolkit > Standards.

Choose Common Core Standards and any other standards you want in your Standards List. Then click Save.

Go to My Locker > My Standards and click on Common Core Standards.

Standards open in a tree fashion. You will need to click to get to deeper levels. The last level is the standard where there is either a bullet or magnifying glass which means there is a project or resource matched to that standard. 
Click on a magnifying glass to get a pop-up window with projects and/or resources that are matched to that standard. You can even add that project to your Locker.

You can add any standards to your Universal Builder project from the edit mode. Below the text and embed boxes is the Add Standard button.
After you click the Add Standards button, you get a pop-up window that you can browse through the standards until you find the correct standard that is matched to your lesson or project. You will see a check box instead of a bullet. Check the standard and click Align Standards.

The standard will now appear at the bottom of the page in your lesson or project.

You can always removed standards and add others. Remember Less is More!

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