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October's Newsletter Tip: Projects Encourage Sharing
By Sara Zimmerman    October 19, 2010 -- 05:37 PM

Sharing ideas, websites, projects, and products helps teachers and learners alike. When you share, you get back more than you give. You can build a collaborative, learning environment by building in activities that encourage sharing.
  • Create projects that have students work in pairs or small teams.
  • Encourage students to communicate with each other while they are working on projects.

  • Have students to come up with a guiding question and support questions.
  • When you introduce new projects, have students use think/pair/share groupings whenever you can. 

  • Use mind mapping activities to brainstorm. Be sure to encourage all kids to participate, not just those who are most verbal.

  • Have student teams write a group journal collectively as a matter of habit.
  • Have teams of students use technology to collect and analyze data.
  • Leave five minutes at the end of every period or day for reflection and discussion.
For a more mindful experience, sharing helps students develop Habits of Mind.

Categories: "Tip" "Sharing Ideas" "Mind Mapping"

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