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New Text Editor: works with all browsers
By Barbara Bray    January 18, 2011 -- 05:04 PM

Our new text editor means that now you can use any browser with My eCoach. This text editor is different than our older text editor so you may have some questions about some of the new features. This is a quick overview of some of the features.

Some of these features are pretty intuitive like the first row. There are more fonts and options plus whatever font and size you choose stays listed now.

A few new features on this next row. The undo and redo are really helpful now. Try the block quote to see how it differs with indenting.

Select a word or phrase to link to a website using the link and unlink icons. You need to put in a URL and can choose how you want the window to open and other options.

You can insert an anchor if you want to land on a different part of a webpage like half way down the page instead of the top of the page.

Adding images is a little different now. You click the same tree icon and it pops up a window with 3 tabs. Make sure you go to the Appearance tab and align your picture. You can just keep Constrain proporations checked unless you know the dimensions you want your picture. Advanced lets you add a link to your image and even a mouse over.


Many of you have asked for us to be able to insert custom characters. Click on this icon to insert any of the following characters into your text:

characterThat’s it for this blog post. I’ll be adding more of the features to some more posts.

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