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Project-Based Activities Showcase
By Sara Zimmerman    March 15, 2011 -- 02:34 PM

Language Arts and Social Studies Madison Middle school teachers and students showcased their technology projects to over 220 parents and family members. This was a success thanks to a great team that included Oakland Unified School District's Instructional Technology department, a supportive principal Dr. Taylor and dedicated teachers. What a fun evening for everyone!

Ancient Egypt Travel AgentMs. Elphick's 6th grade Ancient Egyptian Travel Agents promoted their Egyptian city with special deals for camels and pyramids. Mr. Kim's 8th grade students created songs, skits, and poems about the pros and cons of the Bill of Rights amendments. Ms. Osei's student poets wrote I am From Poems. Mr. Reisfeldt's 7th grade teams shared what they learned about Chinese Inventions. Ms. Tin's class demonstrated the writing process. Ms. Padgett's class did presentations and became Dream Travel Agents. Mr. McCurdy's class read Sadako and the Paper Cranes. Ms. Jacob's students commented on Freak the Mighty.

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