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Cool Tips about My eCoach Blogs
By Barbara Bray    June 6, 2011 -- 10:35 AM

It is pretty easy to create a blog in My eCoach and have "user control" of who edits and comments.

  • You can create a personal blog as a private journal. No one else sees it.
  • If you are on a team, you can have a team blog and only the members of the team can view and comment on it.
  • You can share a blog with one or more My eCoach members.
  • You can create a public blog and choose from different themes.

When you create a blog, you need to create at least one post. Think of a blog as a book and the posts as chapters in the book.


To the right of the title of your post, you have lots of options.

Edit BlogWhen you have a public blog, everyone and anyone has access to it. We suggest controlling who can add comments. Click on Edit Settings.

Approval for Blogs


If you are concerned about random nuisance comments from people you don't know, make sure you check "Approval needed when any comments are submitted to my blog before it appears on the post" and you are sent a message or email notifying you of comments.

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