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12 Tips on Inquiry-Based Learning
By Sara Zimmerman    August 31, 2011 -- 02:24 PM

Inquiry-based learning is a style of teaching that is based on asking questions that kids honestly care about and guiding them to find the answers as well as coming up with new questions.  

  1. Plan enough time to pre-plan, plan, and plan again during implementation.
  2. Start with a topic that encourages inquiry. Magnifier
  3. Choose 20% of your time for inquiry.
  4. Flip your classroom for this unit.
  5. Pose real questions.
  6. Encourage co-designing the curriculum.
  7. Develop rubric for assessing learning.
  8. Group students for collaborative learning.
  9. Have students collect resources.
  10. Monitor progress.
  11. Interpret information.
  12. Present findings.

Learning begins with the learner. What children know and what they want to learn are the very foundations of learning. Go to this blog post to learn more... 

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