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Using Technology to Personalize Learning
By eCoach Staff    December 21, 2011 -- 04:17 PM

According to Darrell West in his article "Using Technology to Personalize Learning and Assess Students in Real Time", American education must adopt new instructional approaches and leverage new technologies in the classroom in order for the United States to compete in the global economy. In John Dewey’s book Schools of Tomorrow he wrote in 1915 "conventional public school is arranged to make things easy for the teacher who wishes quick and tangible results." Oh my! That was some time ago. 


Just think 1915!! Dewey made the case that education needed to adopt new instructional approaches based on future societal needs. What happened! We’ve been creating factory schools that are teacher-centric for over 100 years. That’s a lot of generations missing out on their dreams and reaching their fullest potentials.


Clieck here to download the PDF report that explains why meaningful change requires alterations in technology, organizational structure, instructional approach, and educational assessment.

Categories: "Personalized Learning" "Technology" "Assessment"

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