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Create a Form from Survey Builder
By Barbara Bray    August 6, 2012 -- 10:42 PM

You want to create a form but the surveys keep adding Q1, Q2, etc. to each question. Surveys just didn't look like forms. So now you can just click one box to convert a survey to a form.





When you create a form, you probably want to be notified and know who fills it out. Use the pull-down menu to choose either internal message or email where you want to be notified.









With forms, you probably just want people to fill out their name, email, address, etc. So the best question type is short answer for those.






























After you finish the first question (field), you can add another question or save and insert question which is another field.






When you have all the fields you want, then Publish.






When you click publish, you get a dialog box "Survey content cannot be modified after published and if anyone responds to it." This is the same for the form. You can add or change to the description or make any changes if no one has responded yet. Then choose who can take your form.















When you have published your form, it will now appear in your Survey Home.




Click on the title to grab the URL for the form, for the results, and for the embed code.






Your form now is clean and can be embedded right in your page as a contact form.


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