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Featured Member July 2012
By Barbara Bray    August 7, 2012 -- 11:03 AM

Russ Knopp

My eCoach member since 2006, 6th grade teacher, GenYes Teacher, Tech Coordinator, Waitsburg Middle/High School, Waitsburg, WA


Russ ran class teams for his 6th grade classes and GenYes students at the high school. Check out this site for his students:


Learners for Life


Russ just retired June 2012 after teaching 45 years. Russ taught most grade levels, coached basketball, was on the Board of Directors for the school district, was a middle and elementary school principal, and went back to the classroom to teach 6th grade and GenYes students. His daughter wrote about his dedication to teaching: Dad’s Next Chapter.

Russ used Moodle and then found My eCoach. His message:

"My eCoach offers all that Moodle offers for students and teachers AND an almost infinite supply of resources for teachers and students along with core standards. My students enrolled as “Team” members where they created websites, blogs, citations, etc. in a 21st century way. My students continue to use My eCoach after being in my class, because they understand how effective, practical, and how interesting they can make their work for others to view."


Russ has still more to do. We just set up a new community "Retired but not Forgotten" where Russ will be the eCoach. Thank you Russ!

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