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Featured Member October 2012
By Barbara Bray    December 1, 2012 -- 08:55 PM

  Cynthia Melendez

  ESOL Specialist, Grades 1-5

  McMullen Booth Elementary

  Pinellas County, Florida


Cynthia has been an active member of My eCoach since 2009. She is currently working on a site for ESOL parents and students. She wanted one place where they could go to practice and learn more about reading by playing games and singing songs. The tools, easy project builder and secure website publishing that My eCoach offers suited her needs perfectly. Cynthia also incorporated Web 2.0 tools by creating glogsters that feature games and songs, all in one place, for her ESOL community. Cynthia loves her work as an ESOL specialist. We are pleased that she uses My eCoach to help her be the wonderful teacher she is. Below are some of her projects.


  Mrs. Melendez - McMullen Booth Elementary

 Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

Popping Poetry

  Space - Is There Life Beyond Earth?

Categories: "Ell" "Esol" "Glogster" "Class Website"

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