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Marsha Johanning: Featured Member February 2013
By Barbara Bray    July 23, 2013 -- 07:54 AM

Marsha Johanning  Marsha Johanning

  Library/Media Specialist,
  Mentor, Teacher

  Grades 2-5, Sullivan Elementary

  Sullivan, MO

Marsha has been a member of My eCoach since 2009. She works in a mid-sized elementary school where she tries to make the library the hub of her school by creating a comfortable inviting place that both students and staff like to be. Being a Library/Media Specialist, her teaching environment includes both text and technology. As well as working directly with students, Marsha also does technology teacher trainings, sets up programs, and helps solve difficulties such as Smartboards that don’t work or DVDs that won’t play! 


Marsha is currently the District Mentor and works with a variety of new and experienced teachers helping them to find the success they are striving for in their careers. We applaud Marsha and her dedicated work as a creative, supportive educator. Here are a few of her projects:



      The Facts about Presidents of the United States



A Webquest for Library Students. Who Was Dewey?




Categories: "Elementary" "Librarian" "Teacher" "Educators" "Projects" "Featured" "Marsha Johanning"

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