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SOS - Safe Online Surving
By Barbara Bray    July 23, 2013 -- 08:05 AM

As part of its longstanding crime prevention and public outreach efforts, the FBI has a free web-based initiative designed to help teachers educate learners about cyber safety.


It is called the FBI SOS (Safe Online Surfing) Internet Challenge—and it was developed with the assistance of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and with the input of teachers and schools.

The goal of the  is to promote cyber citizenship and help students learn about online safety while engaging in fun, interactive games. Students will then navigate through the various games and activities in their 3rd-8th grade-appropriate island.


Teachers can download the teacher’s guide (pdf) toset up their whole class with a set of access keys with one key for each learner. The FBI  Safe Online Surfing Leaderboard displays the schools participating in the monthly competition.

Click here for vocabulary, questions, and more...

Categories: "Cybersafety" "Netiquette" "Learning" "Teaching" "Activities" "Games" "Fbi" "Internet"

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