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How do you know it's working?
By Barbara Bray    May 2, 2007 -- 11:22 AM

As a teacher or administrator, you may be asking yourself: how do you know this lesson or new activity or program is working and really making a difference for kids. A simple method is to put together a survey and ask the questions that will help you find these answers.

What do you want to know?
  • How many of your 5th grade boys have Internet at home?
  • How many of your middle school girls are worried about bullying and chat online?
  • How many students are home after-school alone and have Internet access?
  • How many of your veteran teachers (5+ years in the profession) use email daily and blog?
These may not be the questions you will ask so now you can design your own survey in eCoach that lets you filter and disaggregate the results of any questions you might ask. Using the new Table view you can filter your results:

You cannot do this with Survey Monkey or Zoomerang. Only eCoach!! So what else is new?

Now you can have a table view, graph view, print, export data to CSV (comma separated view), and export graph so you can print any report.

You can also view each survey by clicking on the 1, 2, etc. in the first column to see individual responses.

Try creating a survey and narrowing your results. When you filter or disaggregate your results, you get is the # and % based on all that responded.

Categories: "Surveys" "Assessment"

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By Sydney      March 3, 2009 -- 03:16 AM
That's Magnificent! I am hoping that it will achieve all these goals and more. We would very much appreciate your input on this and future mini-surveys. I like it very much.. Great go ahead keep it up.

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