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New Left Navigation
By Barbara Bray    February 21, 2008 -- 06:05 AM

The left navigation bar was changed based on much input from our members. Since My eCoach tries to bring together all the tools you might need for your community, the left sidebar navigation was getting long and cumbersome. We asked for ideas from many of our members to come up with ways to make navigation easier.
  • Home field is now Home.
  • Icons are different.
  • Looking for your teams and to build collaboration, then go to My Community.
  • My Toolkit is where you go for any builders or tools. You can even go here to search for members, blogs, surveys, standards, and more.
  • My Locker is where you go for anything you created or added to your locker.

Members can find more information at the tutorial
Left Navigation Bar.

Categories: "Community" "My Ecoach" "Navigation"

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