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NEW Profile, Add Friends, Change Settings
By Barbara Bray    April 24, 2008 -- 11:02 PM

When you click My Profile on the upper right or under My Locker, now you will find that it is really different.

My Profile is where others can learn about you, add you to their Friends list, and connect with tags. Now you can edit each section by clicking the pencil.

Members will be able to view all of your published work at the bottom of your profile. Published work includes your projects, surveys, and blogs.

Only you and your eCoach will be able to view your ILP, phone number, and street address. You can hide your email under settings so members or others viewing you as author of a project cannot view it except your eCoach. Your eCoach may need this information to contact you or provide you feedback.

My Tags contain all the tags you ever used with My eCoach. At this time, you can create tags for your profile and when you create a bulletin post.

Click on any tags to see more resources linked to it.

Change the Look and Feel of My eCoach - Go to Settings and change the colors or turn the icons on or off.

Now you can add Friends to your profile and they will also show up in the message center. You can easily set up groups using your Friends list. Just click on each team in your message center to view list of people to maybe add as your friends. When you send an invitation, they will receive an email notification to join them as your friend.

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