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New Conversation Corner
By Barbara Bray    May 3, 2008 -- 08:02 AM

Conversation Corner is a new feature on your Home where you can ask questions to the entire eCoach community. Everyone including Free members can share ideas, ask questions, and provide answers or possible solutions to questions. Conversation Corner works like the blog tool where each question is a new post on the Conversaton Corner blog. You can also see Conversation Corner in your Blog Home.

On your Home, click Ask Questions to start a new question or thread. This will open the text editor. Add your question in the title. You can add more details in the text editor, and, in fact, you can even add other files, images, links, video, and audio.

To answer any question, any member can click on the question. This will open the post in the Conversation Corner blog. You can add more answers by going to the comment box below the other answers and adding your answer.

If you would like to get an email notification when someone posts or answers a question, you can do this by adding Conversation Corner to your  Favorites.
To edit the notification option, go to your Blog Home to My Favorites to Conversation Corner

Then click on the mail icon. Choose if you want a message sent along with an email notification or just an email notification.

Categories: "Collaboration" "Community" "Conversations"

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