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New Features in Survey Tool
By Barbara Bray    June 19, 2008 -- 06:34 AM

The survey tool works with any program and can be shared with anyone on your team, specific members, and others outside of eCoach. We even have newspapers using eCoach for public only so they are the only ones seeing the results. We have received requests for some new features in the surveys.

You now have access to the text editor in the description and each question. What that means is that you can upload images, videos, podcasts, and most types of files.

You now can make a question with a matrix of choices.

If you want to create a larger survey with multiple pages that are different sections, you can now insert a new page and title that section.

You can embed your survey right into the Universal builder. After you publish your survey, you get links to the URL to take the survey, to view the results and the embed code. You can embed the survey in the embed code box in the Universal builder or in any text editor using the View Source.

Categories: "Universal Builder" "Embed" "Assessment" "Surveys"

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