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Pinellas eMentor Cross-Age Cross Curriculum Projects
By Barbara Bray    June 26, 2008 -- 12:52 PM

Pinellas County Schools received the EETT grant again to expand the cross-age cross curriculum projects they started in 2006. Barbara spent a week with a fantastic group of eMentors from Kings Highway Elementary School and John F. Kennedy Middle School. The focus is on science where there will be six new cross-age projects. The 12 eMentors mapped the curriculum, looked for gaps in the standards and where their students needed more engaging projects. The topics so far include the Changing Earth, Forms of Energy, Habitats and Life Cycles, Force and Motion, Ecology and Ecosystems, and Space. This week they learned how to use eCoach for collaboration. The eMentors will be coaching the teachers at both schools the end of July and faclitating the process of narrowing the focus and designing the units. This year’s eMentors will have support from the  veteran eMentors. Stay tuned for exciting projects that expand on existing projects listed here:

1. Living Relationships
2. Weather
3. Habitats
4. Ecology
5. Living Interactions
6. Florida Environment and Water

Few pictures from our eMentor workshop:

Thanks to Cecelia Nauda and Pat Lusher from the district office who developed and are administrators of the grant to make this an exciting opportunity for Kings Highway Elementary and John F. Kennedy Middle Schools. Thanks also to a wonderful eCoach, Donna Blanton, who helped and will be eCoaching the eMentors!

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