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New 30 Day Trial and Pricing for Organizations
By Barbara Bray    September 3, 2008 -- 01:30 PM

Any new members that sign up for a free account will now get a 30 day trial of all the features in My eCoach. We figured that if you were checking out eCoach, you really needed to be able to access all of the features. After the 30 days are up, then free members continue with their lifetime membership but with limited access. They can always join at any time.

Several large organizations have approached us to give their members access to all of the tools for at least one year so we came up with an annual subscription pricing structure. People are raving about all the tools in eCoach so we want you to have access. Annual subscriptions are for access only and does not include coaching or being part of a team. Here’s the pricing structure for individuals and organizations:

 Individual Lifetime Membership
$35.00 one time fee
 1-9 annual members
 $25.00/annual subscription
 10-50 annual members $10.00/annual subscription
 51-100 annual members $9.00/annual subscription
101-150 annual members $8.00/annual subscription
151-200 annual members $7.00/annual subscription
201-300 annual members $6.00/annual subscription
301-500 annual members $5.00/annual subscription
501-1,000 annual members $4.00/annual subscription
1,001-3,000 annual members
 $3.00/annual subscription
3,001-7,500 annual members
 $2.00/annual subscription
7,500-15,000 annual members
 $1.00/annual subscription
15,001-25,000 annual members
 $.75/annual subscription
25,000+ annual members
 $.50/annual subscription
 over 100,000 annual members
Negotiate price

Contact us at 800.633.2248 or to figure out how this might work for you and your organization.

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By Coach Cynthia      September 9, 2008 -- 11:34 PM
OMG-(In case you don't have tweens this means oh-my-g--)
This is incredible! I am spreading the word with everyone I know. Are you sure?

Reply to Coach Cynthia

By Roxanne      September 17, 2008 -- 12:15 PM
Wow! With the economy the way it is everyone is looking to save money wherever we can and at school sites and districts our budgets are so tight. This should really make it easier for everyone to get to know the value of joining the eCoach community! I know several small groups that can more easily afford to get involved. Now's the time!

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