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Ongoing Programs and Projects
By Barbara Bray    November 21, 2008 -- 12:31 PM

San Diego County Office of Educationís Leadership Services continues to provide AB 430 training for California principals. Melissa Hunt, Director, with the support of eCoaches Cynthia Sistek-Chandler and Ward Smith, set up one leadership team for over 400 principals who have participated in the training.

Stanford Universityís Bay Area Foreign Language Program (BAFLP) with support from their eCoach Marcelo Leal has set up five more teams including BAFLP Leaders, an ELD Strand, and Mandarin Strand. Example project from Kathleen Rooney:
Ideas for Incorporating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom.

Pinellas County Schools in Florida were awarded another EETT grant to expand their cross-age cross-curriculum projects. They have added two more schools (Kings Canyon Elementary and John F. Kennedy Middle Schools) and twelve eMentors with the support of eCoach Donna Blanton (4th grade teacher at Pinellas Park Elementary), the district team, and veteran eMentors from the past EETT grant are working on six more projects with teachers from both sites. Veteran eMentors and teachers from the original EETT grant continue to use eCoach for their six projects. Many Pinellas teachers are using eCoach for their class website.
Past Cross-Age Cross-Curriculum Projects

Eastside Union High School District, San Jose, CA created a math support team where Barbara Schallau, Math Support Coach, created a website and collaborative area in eCoach that supports the districtís Algebra program for 10th grade math teachers in the district.

The New Teacher Center at UCSC continues to use eCoach with the customized Individual Development Plan with their principal candidate program. There are over 150 coaches who support one to three principal candidates each face-to-face and online using eCoach.

Susan Birrell, Information Technology Director, Portsmouth School District, NH, is the eCoach for the learning coaches team in eCoach where they are in the planning stages on how they want to support their teachers.

The LAUSD Arts Education Branch has just launched their Arts Instructional Guides (AIGs) for each arts discipline they developed in eCoach over the past year. Next steps are expanding, linking, and sharing lesson plans aligned to the AIGs plus supporting the Digital Media Arts Consortium project. Teachers and eCoaches from eight demonstration middle schools will be developing Media Arts standards, AIG, and example lessons.

Our partner, VIPTone, has created a connector to EduTone Exchange and We The Teachers so there will be a single sign in to My eCoach from their portals. We have started discussions about coaching programs in Australia.

Our partner, the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), has created the PD Marketplace in My eCoach to promote their workshops and events. Dawn Colavita, as eCoach partner, posts bulletins and community calendar events so the eCoach is aware of CILC programs.
PD Marketplace November Features

Certificated eCoach Roxanne Clement is launching Library in a Box again this coming week where Bay Farm Elementary students collected books that they organized in boxes to send to the California fire victims. In 2005, Library in a Box provided boxes of books for Katrina victims.
Library in a Box 2008 (in development)

Certificated eCoach Charlotte McGovern is getting lots of contributions for her
Charity Knit-Along Service Project. People from all over have been knitting squares for the afghan to be sent to different charities. The first one is being sewn together now to send to the womenís shelter in Berkeley, CA.

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